Should You Get An Onahole To Satisfy Your Sexual Needs and Desires

An Onahole To Satisfy Your Sexual

When you want a sex toy, you cannot overlook the onahole toy. Now, you may be wondering what the onahole toy is, how you use it and what kinds of benefits does it offer. Onahole is just a male masturbator that has a Japanese twist to it. They’re considered a stimulatory aid product to be used in intercourse to boost the bedroom excitement.

It’s one male sex toy with an ever-increasing popularity status, ranking up there with fleshlights and pocket pussies.

The Onaholes are used for two reasons – pleasure and stamina training. If you find yourself finishing too quickly in the bedroom, you can use the onahole to practice on so you can slow down for your partner.

5 Tips To Find The Best Onahole For You

Of course, finding the right onahole for your particular circumstance can be a tedious process, especially since there is a lot of information to wade through about these products. What should you be considered about in your search?

Stimulation and Feeling

There are many onahole products that produce a strong stimulation and others that don’t. What tightness and feel are you looking for? This is the question to ask yourself before you purchase any of them. Be sure you consider the stimulation and feeling based on how it’ll be used to find the right model for you.


Do you want a realistic onahole or an anime-tailored one? The right onahole depends on your style, and there is an array of them to pick from. Be sure to choose one that meets your preference.

Weight and Size

If you don’t have much space or traveling with it, you’re going to want a smaller, lighter model. Make sure to look at the onahole’s weight and size to ensure you get the right one for your situation.


Do you want one hole or two? Do you want a vaginal, oral or anal model? Consider how you’ll be using the onahole to find the right product for you.


While price is not your foremost concern, it is a concern to take into consideration. Can you spend the extra money on something of better quality? Should you choose an inexpensive onahole to satisfy your needs? Price is a factor,but it shouldn’t be the only factor.

These are the five most important things to consider when you’re ready to order an onahole for your sexual desires and needs. You want to get the most pleasure for your buck.

11 Popular OnaholesTo Consider For Your Sexual Desires

Here’s a look at some of the more popular onaholes to consider for your next male sex toy:


Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator


If you want a realistic model of onaholes, the Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator is what you’ve been looking for. It looks and feels very real, with an additional interior stimulating texture that ensures gratification.

Zhang Xiao Yu is one of China’s most famous porn stars, and the onaholeis designed after her vagina. There are so many reasons to consider this onahole model including the ability to take into the water without it degrading the materials. If you want stimulation, this model won’t disappoint.

The one drawback is the price. It’s much more expensive than other onahole models, but well worth it when you consider how much you get for the price.


SujimanKupaLolinco Virgo

Magic Eve came up with the SujimanKupaLolinco Virgo onahole, which has a very realistic feel to it with a very stimulating interior that will have you cumming and cumming. It has an extremely tight hole that can be used with the lotion (you are sent with the product) that ensures you get the pleasure you want in no time.

While it’s cheaper than other models due to some features lacking, it’s certainly one to remember when you need a high-quality onahole.

La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eye also came up with the La Bocca Della Veritaonahole – designed for both vaginal and oral sex. The great thing about this onahole product is how soft it is, producing a realistic but also anime feel to it. Each time you use it, you’ll want to use it again. La Bocca Della Verita also comes with lotion and is great for the money you pay for it.

However, it doesn’t have a lot of features that you’d find on other onahole models.

My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole
My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole

My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole

When you need a two-hole onahole, you need the My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole, as it comes with both vaginal and anal holes that ensure you get the stimulation you want. What makes this sex toy different from other onaholes? It comes with both hips and some thigh, which means you could look at it as a sex doll.

With two holes to switch up on and its realistic feeling, you get a lot of value for your money. However, due to the weight, it’s only ideal for home use – not traveling.

Puni Ana SPDX

When you want an onahole experience that’s nearly identical to the real thing, the Puni Ana SPDX may be the answer. It has a full torso and two holes (vaginal and anal) and comes with lotion too.

There are two negative aspects to it – it’s a bit more on the expensive side,and it can sound too mechanical for some men’s taste.


If you want a highly pleasurable model, the Julia+ model may be just want you’ve been looking for. A look at its website and see a plethora of positive reviews for it. Why is it so popular? It’s very stimulating, pleasuring men when they want it. It’s smaller than other onahole models but does the trick that men want.

It also comes with a free bottle of lotion and is a bit cheaper than other onahole models because it lacks some of the features other models are equipped with.


If you want to use an onahole while traveling, the lightweight FunyaPonyoOnahole is one to consider. It’s got a realistic texture to it despite it being designed to satisfy anime lovers’ fantasies. With its free lube, you can get an experience that will blow your mind.

As far as price goes, the extremely-stimulating FunyaPonyoOnahole is affordable for all users.


Kaitai Shinsho/Moe Body

Kaitai Shinsho
Kaitai Shinsho

Magic Eyes of Japan created the Kaitai Shinsho, which comes with breasts and a realistic rib cage inside the small-scale sex doll.  Not ideal for travel, as it weighs 2kg, but it does come with free lube and offers tremendous satisfaction for its users.

Of course, with the weight and unique design, it’s a bit pricier than other models but does the trick for those who need to satisfy their sexual appetite.



This onahole model comes with two realistic and very soft holes. Another Magic Eye product, it’s designed to ensure one thing for its users – gratification. The holes (vaginal and anal) ensure major stimulation and use the free lube that comes with it,and it’s certainly going to put you over the edge.  As for its size, it’s not that bad, so it may be something you could travel with.


Yes, it is a little more expensive than other onaholes, but itsprice is comparative to what you get with it.


The Legend of the Princess YuiHatanoOnahole

Princess YuiHatanoOnahole
Princess YuiHatanoOnahole

This onahole design is modeled after infamous Japanese pornstar YuiHantano, and it was made to work like it one. It’s very realistic, ensuring it comes across as the real thing. When you purchase this model, you’ll get a picture of the pornstar and an autograph. You’ll also receive free lube.

It’s less expensive than other models, but you get a lot of good things for the price.


Back 2500 Hip

This onahole model is equipped with hips and two holes and offers the best position for those who like the doggy style position. Best of all, both holes don’t have the same texture, so you’re ensured not to be bored.  It’s an extremely realistic onahole, weighing in at 2.5kg. And, if you love anime and have fantasies with anime characters, this is sure to satisfy.

It is more expensive than other models you could get,but it offers a total sexual experience,unlike other models you could buy.

The purchase of an onahole is certainly a personal one, and your preferences and taste will certainly weigh heavily into which model is right for you. There are so much to consider when you look at the various onahole products out there, but take your time, weigh the pros and cons of each one and consider how you’ll be using it and where before you make your purchase.