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Primal Fetish – Understand it!

Primal Fetish – Understand it!

The primal sexual desire is a primal, almost instinctive urge that we all share. For most people who have it, though, their drive is focused on one specific type of person: themselves. It’s incredibly complicated and complex, but it basically involves a desire to experience kinky intimacy with a member of the opposite sex, whether that person is another human or an animal. That said, understanding your primal fetish is important if you want to find a way to get your needs satisfied.

Primal fetish meaning and understanding it

A primal fetish is a need that stems from your animal side, something you’re genetically or physiologically made to have. So, for example, someone might be born biologically predisposition towards being aggressive. Or someone might be born with a primal sexual desire for rough play. Those who have it often identify with these traits, sometimes spending long periods of time involved in sexualized interactions with one another. This type of intimacy may include domination, bdsm, degrading fetish relationships and sexual role play.

If you’re reading this and thinking “hmm… that sounds kind of dirty…” hold on just a second. Many couples who engage in primal fetish play are not actually willing participant. In a sexual relationship with one another, nor are they often looking for a relationship with someone else. In fact, many couples are just lovers, exploring each other’s hidden potential. Often using their sexual activities as a way to connect with each other emotionally.

Primal Foreplay & Animalistic Sex

While some people say that “Primal Play” is merely a term that describes masturbation gone wild, this is far from the truth. People have been exploring their primal nature since the dawn of time. In fact, the ancient Egyptians revered fertility and orgasm as aspects of the “Primal Fear”. Many cultures from around the world believed strongly in the importance of climaxing in order to procreate and create life. Even today, the act of sex is often viewed as a way to reach a new level of awarenes. By engaging in primal sex, individuals can achieve a heightened sense of spiritual connection. You can even awaken their bodies’ natural ability to procreate.

More animalistic approach

Some of the more common signs of a primal fetish include behavior such as rubbing or kissing a person’s genitals when not urinating. Licking an individual’s genital area after being penetrated. Seeking out fetishes that are related to biting, scratching, stroking, smearing, biting or wearing garments that are covered in hair or fur. Some individuals are so obsessed with these behaviors. So they spend long periods of time trying to emulate their favorite animalistic behaviors. For example, some individuals might spend hours masturbating to the sounds of a cat meowing. While other people might spend hours wearing a fur coat of a cat. Others might locate objects associated with biting, scratching or wearing clothes made of hair or fur. They also involve a lot of neck and choking fetishes too.

When you engage in primal sex on a regular basis, it can lead to a greater understanding of your own sexuality. You may find yourself experimenting with new positions, letting go of inhibitions, and exploring your own tastes and interests. In the end, you might even be ready to expand your sex life beyond the traditional role of relationship. Primal fantasies can bring a person closer to their true self, which can lead to a more satisfying sex life.