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Latex Fetish

Latex Fetish

A latex fetish is one where someone loves the feel and look of rubber, PVC or latex clothing. Unlike some other kinks, this one does not necessarily need to overlap with BDSM.

People get turned on by the unique look, feel, smell and taste of latex materials. They also love the elasticity of the material, which feels like a second skin.


Latex fetishism is a unique kink because it revolves around the material rather than body parts or objects. People who enjoy latex clothing, known as rubber fetishists or “rubberists,” love wearing the material itself and watching others wear it. They often use rubber accessories like gloves, restraints, and masks during kinky play to intensify pleasure. The resemblance of latex to human skin makes it a sensual experience that many people find appealing.

For example, a latex bodysuit may make the wearer feel empowered and seductive by giving her a clingy form-fitting look that might not be possible with other materials. Some people also prefer a latex corset because it is similar to traditional styles that can be worn in everyday life. Others are turned on by latex hoods, especially the micro-perforated versions designed for breathplay and anonymity.

Rubber fetishism can be linked to kinks like BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, and medical play. However, the desire for latex can also be a standalone pleasure that doesn’t require any other kinks or sexual desires.

There are a variety of websites, stores, and communities dedicated to rubber fetish, and local community members hold events and discussions throughout the year. The fetish is widely available in different thicknesses and colors, so it’s easy to find something that fits one’s preferences. People who want to experiment with latex can try out garments at kink parties or online and buy the items they need to get started.


Many people enjoy latex because of the way it feels to the touch, which can be soft, smooth and strong. Its resemblance to skin also makes it an ideal material for tight-fitting fetish clothing. The fetish is not limited to bodysuits, but can include accessories such as hoods, neck corsets, cuffs and collars. The fetish may even involve wearing latex shoes and boots.

People who have a latex fetish are often referred to as rubberists. These people can be young, old, straight, gay or bisexual. They can be male, female or transgender and can come from any country in the world. Rubberists can be found in clubs, online forums and parties. The community is known to be very open and friendly, welcoming newcomers into the fold.

It is thought that fetishes regarding nonliving objects develop when the brain establishes a connection between the object and a part of the body. For example, a general interest in garters and stockings might eventually evolve into a fetish for panties. The same can happen with a fascination for plastic, which can then lead to a fixation on rubber and latex. Many fetishists find their pleasure in exploring the texture of latex and PVC, while others feel arousal when they touch it. For some, wearing latex evokes feelings of youth and strength, allowing them to imagine themselves as their healthiest, best selves.


People with latex fetish are often referred to as “rubberists.” This community has a reputation for being extremely open and friendly, with endless forums, magazines and parties to connect with others who share their interests. It’s also one of the most inclusive fetishes you can find, as people from all backgrounds and sexualities enjoy latex clothes. This fetish can involve anything from full-body suits to just gloves or other accessories.

The tight fit and shiny, velvety feel of latex make it a highly desirable material. It’s even more alluring when worn close to the skin. This is why rubberists wear gloves, masks and restraints during kinky play. They may even fantasize about wearing them during a sexual experience. In fact, this fetish is linked to kinky experiences like BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism and bondage.

It’s not uncommon for people to have a fetish for uniforms, such as a nurse, doctor, schoolgirl or police officer uniform. Some even have a fetish for specific shoes or boots. A common reason for this is that they can closely resemble the appearance of human skin.

It’s important for anyone who has a latex fetish to be aware of the potential for allergic reactions. It’s also important to remember that these fabrics are not hypoallergenic, so they might not be safe for everyone. In addition, the proteins found in natural latex can trigger severe allergic reactions in some people. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed less-reactive latex with the proteins removed, so it’s safe for most people to wear and use.


Many people with latex fetish enjoy the feel of the material, and they get turned on by wearing it or seeing others wear it. They also like latex accessories, such as restraints and masks. They may like to look at latex porn or enjoy playing with it (with consent, of course).

For some, latex fetishism is part of a larger kink lifestyle that includes leather, PVC and fetish-related role play. They may even enjoy having multiple fetishes, or explore power dynamics while wearing rubber. There are many groups, websites and events worldwide that focus on latex and rubber.

People with this fetish are known as rubberists or, more commonly, rubbermen. It is a term that is popular in the gay male community and it refers to individuals who feel sexual arousal when they are in contact with rubber, latex or polyurethane.

Many rubberists wear latex clothing, including catsuits and boots, to express their personality and sense of style. They are often quite open about their kink, and they love to share their experiences with others. They also tend to be very accepting of people who are new to the fetish. It is a lifestyle that can be very liberating for those who have it, and they often find a great deal of pleasure in their relationships with others who share this kink.