A Guide For Beginners and Experts Alike — Best Fleshlight Textures of 2019

Best Fleshlight Textures of 2019

Finding the perfect sex toy is a true HARDship. Despite the popular opinion that men don’t really care what they shove their dicks into, finding an adequate helping hand is quite difficult.


To shatter the myth even further, let’s admit to a simple truth — most of us are extremely particular about how and what we “shove our dicks into.” In fact, almost everyone prefers a well-designed and beautiful sex toy instead of a sock tube, hand, or, God forbid, masturbation sock.


Masturbation is a daily occurrence for most of us, and while some men might get creative and use some unorthodox aids or whatever is closest, most of us prefer to be pampered. What’s more, thanks to the ever-growing sex industry, we have a whole array of sex toys to explore.

The daunting task of picking the right sex toy


There’s a lot of stigma surrounding sex toys, even in this day and age, especially when it comes to sex toys for men. Even though a lot of people use them, we are still inclined to treat picking and buying a sex toy as something shameful, like a dirty little secret. We hole up in our rooms, covered in darkness and protected by late hours, and we scour the Internet looking for the perfect fit.


OK, that might be a bit dramatic, but the point is — men’s toys aren’t as accepted as women’s. Therefore, the first step to getting a sex toy is embracing the experience. You’re a man, you have your needs, and masturbation isn’t something you need to be ashamed of! So make the most of it, and instead of hastily choosing a discreet toy, put some thought into the decision. Don’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit.

What is a Fleshlight anyway?


If you haven’t heard of the Fleshlight, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But don’t worry — here’s a brief rundown.

What is a Fleshlight anyway
What is a Fleshlight anyway

The Fleshlight is a world-renowned brand of male sex toys and accessories. They design and manufacture innovative masturbators and sex toys.


There are sex toys out there so wild that you couldn’t have imagined them even in your craziest dreams. Thanks to such a wide variety, the Fleshlight brand can cater to a huge audience. However, choosing something from their range of products might be daunting to novices.


Who has the best advice?

How do you choose when there’s such a massive variety of toys out there? What’s the best one for you? Should you listen to customer reviews, or spend hours reading product descriptions, comparing images, and sweating over the ultimate choice?


The best advice is — no. Everyone has their own preferences, and what works for some random men on the Internet might not work for you. Not to mention that you probably don’t want to read about someone else’s masturbation experience — it’s awkward and often crude, so imagining some random person shoving their dick into a masturbator will probably ruin the experience for you.

But then again, you can’t exactly order a hundred masturbators and try them out until you find your bliss.


Don’t let this struggle make you feel inadequate. We all face it — even those of us in the sex industry. That’s why we have compiled an article full of necessary information, advice, and all the science behind sex toys.


The variety makes things difficult

With over one hundred different versions of the masturbator, Fleshlight is a global enterprise that offers something for everyone, starting with their famous lineup — Fleshlight Girls — all the way up to the Freaks selection, which isn’t for the faint of heart. Not to mention that their Stamina Training Unit might be way too much for novices, even if it’s a common trap they find themselves in.

The variety makes things difficultHowever, just because there’s something for everyone, it doesn’t mean everything works for everyone. That’s the beauty of variety, but it’s also the proverbial double-edged sword. You might find yourself much deeper (pun intended) that you originally wanted to be.


That’s why we’ve prepared this buying guide. It has all the necessary information, both for beginners and veterans alike.


Why is it so HARD to choose a sex toy?


With Fleshlights being both versatile and affordable, choosing one might seem like a simple task. With a staggeringly low price of $80 and a design that will seem like it was modeled after your specific needs, each Fleshlight seems like a dream come true. And they are.

Why is it so HARD to choose a sex toy
Why is it so HARD to choose a sex toy

So, what is your next step? You go online, and with a few clicks, you get what you came for. Easy as a two-dollar hooker, right? Well, not really.


The dream can quickly turn into a nightmare once you realize that you can’t just make a decision willy-nilly. What if you miss out on all the wonders that Fleshlight has to offer?


Don’t rush into making a decision


Disregarding everything that this brand has to offer is a rookie mistake. If you have a couple of thousand bucks at your disposal, we guess you could just buy a wide selection and try each one of them out. But, let’s be real — who has that kind of money? More importantly, who’d want to spend it on fake pussies?

Don’t rush into making a decision
Don’t rush into making a decision

It’s crucial that you make the right decision from the get-go, and taking the time to figure out what works best for you is the only choice. So, start with a few simple questions that are pertinent to your decision-making process:


  • Do you want a vaginal or an anal orifice? Or maybe you’re more of a mouth guy?
  • What about texture? What kind would you like?
  • Do you have any specific fantasies (perhaps you always wanted to shove your bits into a fairy, or a famous porn star)?



But don’t agonize over it either


However, that doesn’t mean that you should spend hours in front of your screen, wondering and weighing your options. No, that sucks all the fun out of it. Still, you need to inform yourself, and armed with relevant information, make an educated decision.


To simplify that process further, and to get your dick into more pleasant surroundings as quickly as possible, we’ve gathered all the information in one place. We won’t edge you (unless you like that — in that case, start reading from the beginning) because we know there’s nothing worse than being denied pleasure (again, for most people).

It might be weird to ask for a helping hand while making such a personal and intimate purchase. But, hey, you don’t have to ask — we’re offering the help anyway.


It’s not really a problem of variety as much as it is that you lack firsthand information that isn’t written by some guy fresh off the post-orgasmic haze. We tried all these products out and rated them objectively. So you can rest assured that we know what we are talking about.


Our advice is best suited for novices, but even if you’re looking to purchase your fifth Fleshlight, there’s still some wisdom in our words. Who knows — maybe you find out something new. Or perhaps we’ll reveal something you didn’t even know was a thing. Strap on — we’re off!


Back to the basics — start at the bottom and work your way up


Let’s look at the basic Fleshlight and see what the average sex toy has to offer.

Basic Fleshlight
Basic Fleshlight

It’s well made, and although the parts might look complicated, we can pull the toy apart for cleaning very easily. Furthermore, the design is well thought out, as this toy can accommodate both monster dongs and tiny ones (and still feel amazing). With 10 inches (25cm) in length and a little more than 3.5 inches (9.5 cm) in width, you won’t be able to complain that “you can’t fit.”


What does the Fleshlight look like?


There are several key parts to this iconic sex toy — the sleeve, which is the biggest (and most important) component, the casing, and two caps.


One cap is the protective top cap. It’s actually the most crucial segment of the protective gear, as it prevents any foreign objects like debris or dust from getting into the Fleshlight (and, consequently, onto your most private areas). There’s also another cap at the very end, and all these elements are easy to click together.

One of the most important things is to know the original from the imitators. There are a lot of small companies out there calling their masturbators “fleshlights” so that they can piggyback on the success of the global Fleshlight brand. However, most of them can’t offer high-quality design, manufacturing, and service of the true Fleshlight.


What’s more, Fleshlight is continually working on improving their products and increasing their selection. Smaller imitator brands don’t have the budget or the manpower to invest in the design as much as Fleshlight can. That’s why it’s pretty apparent that the brand is head and shoulders (or balls, if you will) above the competition.


Can it accommodate everyone?


Getting back to the topic of size — some of you might still be pondering the length and width. After all, not everyone needs 10 inches of fake pussy, right? In fact, most people don’t. Yet, there’s a good reason for those specific dimensions. The Fleshlight is made to accommodate everyone.


The primary reason for those large dimensions is the liberty of movement. To allow us to feel as if we’re shoving our dicks into warm, live holes (instead of the rubber ones), or at least get as close to that feeling as possible, Fleshlight had to produce a large toy. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to feel the sensations that resemble real human movement.

accommodate everyone
Accommodate everyone

If you think there’s a detail that Fleshlight has missedyou are terribly mistaken. They are masters of keeping up with the trends and are always updating their selection with the next best thing.


What’s more, they are also utilizing everything at their disposal, including the latest technology. That’s why you can now link your Fleshlight with an automatic machine via Bluetooth and go for a wild ride — high-tech style.


The latest innovation from the Fleshlight brand is the Launch, and it brings you the ultimate future experience. You can link your sex toy to the machine and program it to go over virtual porn sessions or have live sex sessions with a real-life partner in real time. Appropriately named, Launch will make the quality of your masturbation sessions skyrocket!


Digging beneath the surface — what’s inside the Fleshlight?


inside fleshlight
Inside fleshlight

It’s actually relatively easy to see the inside of a Fleshlight. You don’t have to ruin it or pull it apart. If you’re a naughty boy who likes to watch, you can always get the transparent Fleshlight that will make each and every thrust fully visible.

Fleshlight Ice, the translucent beauty, is just one of the many designs that the brand has to offer. You can take your pick among the various sizes, colors, and of course, shapes. In fact, that’s the beauty of the Fleshlight — once you try it, you’ll never go back to other manufacturers.


One case fits all sleeves


Since it’s so easy to assemble the Fleshlight, once you buy one, you can go ahead and buy multiple sleeves to spice up your wanking sessions a notch or two. You don’t have to buy the case each time. However, we do recommend it. As Fleshlight makes its masturbators in a particular way, each sleeve has a casing that hugs it perfectly, thus increasing the pleasure and the overall experience.

But what do the insides look like?


Back to the topic at hand — what’s inside the Fleshlight?


Let’s start at the top — the case. Resembling the easily recognizable flashlight, the lightweight casing has a standard form. However, that’s just good branding, as what’s inside is much more critical.

Every Fleshlight is made with the SuperSkin material that the Fleshlight brand patented and protected against copyright infringement. Therefore, you can only get that material if you cough up the few extra bucks for a real Fleshlight. And believe us — it’s worth it!


SuperSkin material forms the sleeve, a highly textured tube created to resemble an anus, a vagina or the mouth — whichever you prefer. Of course, the quite uncanny resemblance is limited to the outside of the Fleshlight, because the inside doesn’t resemble anything that Mother Nature could make. It’s pussy 2.0 — the improved version. In fact, the textures inside the sleeve are extremely wild and diverse; no one’s insides look like that, trust us!


Everything from the standard Classic look to beer can Fleshlights


And, if you prefer a little whimsy with your wank, you can opt for a Sex In A Can version of the Fleshlight.


They carry a few models that have a very different case. Instead of a flashlight, they resemble a beer can! However, don’t think that this will make the toy easy to hide or disguise. Given the huge Fleshlight logo on it, it will be pretty clear to everyone what it is. What’s more, these models are also somewhat smaller than the regular kind, which might take away from their primary purpose if you’re packing.

Standard Classic Look
Standard Classic Look

Again, we have to repeat ourselves — nothing is as good as the real thing. Still, Fleshlight comes mighty close. It’s incredibly realistic, and the brand even offers accessories that will enhance the entire experience and take it to a whole other level. Take the Fleshlight’s sleeve warmer, for example; it warms up the sex toy to  enhance that “real feel.”


Accessories make the entire experience even better


If you’ve been without a partner for a while, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate all the accessories that Fleshlight has to offer. What’s more, you can combine the accessories. The Launch allows for a hands-free experience, which means that the Launch-warmer combo will feel almost like real sex! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.


However, the focal point of every Fleshlight is and always will be the sleeve. The brand is fully aware of this, which is precisely why they offer so many different textures. Coming in like a wrecking ball in your life, it’s the sleeve that will leave you properly wrecked and eager for more.


Standard Classic Look


The name alone makes us think of high maintenance — SuperSkin. However, the Fleshlight brand knows that the average man does not want to think about cleanup in his post-orgasmic haze. Therefore, they made the entire thing super easy to clean. Since it’s made out of rubber, all you have to do is put it under some water after you’re done, and that’s it.


Don’t be nasty


However, some of us might not be as responsible when it comes to cleaning, which is gross, but, hey — it happens. That’s why Fleshlight also sells cleaners and preservation powders that not only clean the toy into a squeaky clean state but prolong the use too. Therefore, we highly recommend getting some cleaning accessories, as it’s ultimately worth the extra money.

Don’t forget to protect your toy when you aren’t using it. The reason for this is twofold. First, you don’t want anything nasty finding its way into your fleshlight. Just imagine the horror! Second, the SuperSkin feels real because it’s a unique compound, made to provide an authentic feel. For that to happen, you have to lubricate it.


When left to its own devices in dry air, it will wrinkle, get sticky, and lose elasticity. More importantly, when left unprotected, the Fleshlight is the perfect breeding ground for bacterias. So, clean, clean, clean your sex toys after you finish.


What’s hiding underneath — the texture


We’ve already mentioned some of the Fleshlights that are available in the vast selection this brand offers. Fleshlight Girls, Launch, Classic Fleshlight, and The Stamina Trainer are just some of many, many different versions of the famous sex toy, and each of them comes with a plethora of different textures at your disposal. So it doesn’t matter what you’re into — Fleshlight has got you covered (literally and metaphorically).

Hiding underneath — the texture
Hiding underneath — the texture

There are more than one hundred sleeve textures available, and they cater to everyone. What’s more, you can even combine different sleeves with textures of your own choosing, essentially playing a grown-up game of Build-a-Bear (or build-a-Fleshlight if you will).


Why not go wild and combine the intense Bump ‘n Grind texture with one of the lovely sleeves that the Fleshlight Girls lineup has to offer? Or, go even crazier and mix the glorious ridges and bumps of the Vortex texture with the Zombie, Heavenly, or Primal sleeve.


The sky’s the limit with the Fleshlight brand, as they allow your imagination to run wild. And, let’s be honest — some of us are downright freaks. As such, it’s nice when a company understands our weird desires.



Different textures, different orifices — mind-blowing orgasms!

Now we’re getting to the juicy stuff. Are you an ass man or a pussy man? Or maybe you prefer the ultimate treat — the blow job? Either way, pickings are anything but slim with the Fleshlight. As if it wasn’t hard enough to decide which texture to go for, you’re faced with the ultimate choice — which orifice to choose?


More than the obvious three choices


And it’s not just the choice between the vagina, the anus or the mouth. Oh, no! Fleshlight always takes things to another level, as it offers both the Launch, which is an experience all on its own, and the Cyborg Fleshlight, a futuristic version of human anatomy. In addition, if paranormal floats your boat more than the Cyborg or Extraterrestrial pussy, you can go for the vampire’s mouth. It comes with fangs, which completes the picture-perfect image of a vampire sucking on your cock.


Therefore, the choices are hard, but the orgasms are a dime a dozen. However, unlike the textures that offer a wide variety of sensations, choosing an orifice is a matter of personal preference. It’s a visual more than it is a tactile thing. What’s more, the orifice doesn’t change the way the Fleshlight ultimately feels.


So, we can’t really give advice here, as you’re the only one who knows best where you’d like to shove it. Still, we would like to mention that the Fleshlight Girls series is a fantastic treat for anyone who’s looking for a realistic experience. Famous porn stars, who have graced many a wet dream, modeled for these Fleshlights and graciously allowed us to get a glimpse into what it would feel like to actually sink deep into one of their erotic openings.


Getting deeper by the second — types of Fleshlights

We’re sure you’ve picked up on the trend here — Fleshlight loves variety. Therefore, it’s only natural that there are more than a few types of masturbators they offer. You can pick a type and then work your way up — customize the entire thing according to your preferences to create the ultimate sex toy for yourself.


Still, it’s good to know what your basic options are. Here are the main types of available Fleshlights.


The Classic


This is the masturbator that paved the way for all other masturbators and made the Fleshlight brand a household name. It’s excellent for the veteran, sexually active men as well as for novices who don’t really know their way around their own Johnson yet.

The Classic
The Classic

Sure, it might seem plain, compared to some other, wilder models, but the Classic Fleshlight gets the job done. It’s spectacularly made and definitely worthy of attention, even so many years after it first hit the market.


The smooth texture comes with the standard variety of orifices — ass, vagina, and mouth.


The Go Series


The Go Series
The Go Series

You shouldn’t overlook this series, even though it does offer only two models. 8.5-inch Torque and Surge, with a circumference of 3 inches, are ideal for those of us who are on a smaller scale.

Having a smaller penis has its perks, as the small size of the toys makes them very portable. You don’t even need two hands to use them, as their lightness allows a one-handed session without any cramping.


The Flight Series

The Flight Series fetishfair
The Flight Series Fetishfair

Another portable beauty, the Flashlight Flight Series is very slim and sleek. With inspiring names, the three models — The instructor, The Pilot, and The Aviator — can accommodate the average-sized man without an issue.


Somewhat small compared to the standard series, with 8 inches in length and 3 inches in girth, they might be a little too tight for a well-endowed man. But, hey, sometimes it’s nice to mix a little pain with your pleasure (we don’t judge). In any case, the main selling point of the Flight series is definitely the unique texture that will make you feel like the man in charge of the cockpit.


The Fleshlight Girls

One of the most popular series is the Fleshlight Girls series, inspired and modeled after real porn stars. It’s also the one that has the biggest selection, which works out really well given that many see them as collectibles.


The signatures of the porn stars are a nice little bonus that provides this series with another dimension of realness. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re a butt or a vagina man, as most of the girls modeled for both.


The Quickshot Series

The Quickshot Series
The Quickshot Series

As the name suggests, The Quickshot is made for a quick and dirty wank, which is why cleaning is not an issue. However, even though they’re smaller than the regular Fleshlight, these toys still have a lot to offer, as their design is both unique and titillating. What’s more, given their small size, the Quickshot Fleshlights are ideal for travel.




The Ice

The Ice fleshlight
The Ice fleshlight

Although it’s great for solo play, The Ice is made with couple play in mind. With a transparent sleeve and a see-through case, both you and your partner can watch the entire show, from beginning to the crashing climax.


The Freaks Series

The Freaks Series Fleshlight
The Freaks Series Fleshlight

If you’re looking for an adventure, and you’re not easily scared off by weirdness, then The Freaks Series is for you. The wet dream of any fantasy lover, the design of each Fleshlight from The Freaks Series is inspired by horror, fantasy, and sci-fi pop culture. Ever dreamed of screwing an alien? Well, here’s your chance!


The Sex-in-a-Can Collection (SIAC)

The Sex-in-a-Can Collection (SIAC)
The Sex-in-a-Can Collection (SIAC)

Just when you think you have the entire brand figured out, they throw a wild card on the table.


SIAC is a fantastic collection due to its quirkiness. With an entirely different case, these Fleshlights look like real beer cans, which makes them somewhat easy to hide in plain sight. We say slightly because the huge label is a dead giveaway. Still, the entire series is quite quaint.


The Fleshjack Collection


Even though the Fleshlight brand caters to everyone, they do love to get very specific with their marketing. After all, everyone loves to feel as if something was made especially for them.

The Fleshjack Collection
The Fleshjack Collection

That’s why The Fleshjack Collection caters to gay men (although you can use it either way). The perfect counterpart to the Fleshlight Girls, famous gay porn stars gave access to their asses to provide the ultimate experience for all gay porn lovers.


The Turbo

The Turbo flesh light
The Turbo flesh light

The ultimate blow job, The Turbo will suck you in (just when you thought you were out…). In addition, it is very versatile as it pairs well with all Fleshlight accessories, so you can take the oral play to the next level at any moment.


The Vibro

The Vibro
The Vibro

If you’ve ever felt the pang of jealousy because girls can get vibrating sex toys, fret not — The Vibro is here. Several speeds of vibrations powered by dual batteries will stimulate more than just the surface.


The Launch

The Launch Fleshligh
The Launch Fleshligh

Finally, as the latest rage on the sex toy market, The Launch provides a high-tech experience. Sure, it might be pricey, but you get a whole lot more than a simple masturbator for $400. You can sync it with other toys, or have real-time sex play sessions with your partner. More importantly, if you prefer solo play, you can always use the massive database of virtual reality porn and enjoy the fully automated experience.



Down to the nitty-gritty — what to consider while making your choice


The fact of the matter is — you can’t go wrong with the Fleshlight brand. Whatever you choose will feel amazing and new. However, it would be a shame not to utilize everything the brand offers and tailor your toy to your specific needs, right?

Therefore, there are a few things to consider while picking your first (or fifth) Fleshlight. Some factors might contribute greatly to your choice, while others might not be as important. Either way, it would be wrong to simply disregard them.


But how do you add value to these factors? The easiest strategy is to ask yourself various questions.


Penis size

Question: How big is your penis?


Your penis size is an important factor to consider when choosing a Fleshlight. If you’re too big, smaller models might hurt you or, at the very least, feel uncomfortable.


The average size of an erect penis is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Most Fleshlights accommodate this size without a problem.


Level of depravity

Question: Are my fantasies kinkier than vanilla, and do I fulfill them on my own or with a partner?


As mentioned, Fleshlight has plenty of options for kinky users. Depending on the type of fantasy, you might have to dig a little deeper or tailor your own Fleshlight, but eventually, you’ll find your cup of tea.


Storage options

Question: Where am I going to keep this and do I have to hide it from anyone?


There’s nothing worse than snooping roommates or, even worse, visiting parents. You really don’t want to give your mom a heart attack while giving her a tour of your place. So, storage is important, unless you live alone and have friends and family who respect your boundaries.


Penis sensitivity

Questions: What’s my stamina like? Can I go for hours or do I ejaculate early every time?


With sex toys made specifically to train your stamina, Fleshlight might prove to be more than just a toy. Men who get too excited too fast will be the first to tell you — anything that trains and prolongs the stamina shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Time limits

Question: Do I like it slow and steady or quick and dirty?


The preferred method of masturbation also plays a huge role. Some Fleshlights are more suited for edge play that takes a while. Therefore, if that isn’t your thing, it’s better to look for those made specifically for a quick, intense wank.



Question: Do I have the money for this?


Even though Fleshlights are affordable, their price varies much like the selection. Therefore, shop around and see if your budget can handle all your needs and desires. Fleshlight has something for everyone, and even though you might have to settle, even the most basic Fleshlight is a dream come true compared to the good old hand.


The need for visual stimulation

Question: Do I need visual stimuli while masturbating?


Some of us have quite a wild imagination, and all we need to do is close our eyes and get where we’re going. However, others are more visual and need additional stimulation, which is why the transparent versions of various Fleshlight models are the perfect choice for them. Not to mention that the VR-compatible Fleshlights provide a whole other dimension when it comes to masturbation.


Preferred orifice

Question: Am I an ass, vagina, or a mouth man?


This is a matter of personal preference, but if you’re unsure, just revisit some of your favorite fantasies and see which orifice has the biggest role in them.



Question: Do I have to explain my purchase to anyone?


Ideally, shopping for masturbators is a private affair, and Fleshlight does a good job of keeping it that way. The inconspicuous packages with no label in sight will allow you to keep your purchase away from the prying eyes of delivery men or your neighbors.



Even though these questions are pretty standard, they will still reveal a lot about your personal preferences — and those are the ultimate crucial factor. It doesn’t matter what other people like or dislike — getting a Fleshlight is all about your needs and desires. Why deprive yourself?


Our personal preferences


Now, since we’ve been boasting about our expertise throughout this entire article, we feel it might be appropriate to share our personal opinions with you. We are huge fans of the Fleshlight brand, but the entire point of this article isn’t the brand but giving ample information to our readers who might not know what they want or need. We’re fighting those blue balls one advice at a time.


Here are our top picks of Fleshlight models


The Launch

The Launch fleshlight
The Launch fleshlight

Starting at the very top, everyone’s personal favorite that can accommodate any man and any fantasy. The bliss of hands-free masturbation, virtual reality sex, and long-distance real-time play is unlike anything any other model can offer.


The Fleshlight Girls Collection

Ideal for porn star fans everywhere, this collection is so realistic that you might get lost in it.


The Ice

The Ice
The Ice

Perfect for those kinky fantasies, the Ice lets you watch yourself. It’s the narcissist’s wet dream, and we love it!


The Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina Training Unit
The Stamina Training Unit

If you can’t go all night, that doesn’t mean you can’t dare to dream. With the Stamina Training Unit, the erections get longer and the nights grow shorter (or at least that’s how it seems).


The Quickshot

The Quickshot fleshlight
The Quickshot fleshlight

Ideal for quickies, almost no cleanup necessary. Caters to our laziness, which is something we deeply appreciate.


What about the texture?


However, you have to remember that it isn’t just the model that’s essential. The sleeve is also crucial, as are the texture and tightness. Those two work hand in hand, as they don’t really offer much without each other. Anything can be tight (or ribbed), but without the other factor, you might as well use your hand.


Still, since the tightness of Fleshlights is well known, let’s talk about our top picks texture-wise.


The Original


We had to give the top spot to the original texture here, as it’s our old time favorite. The texture isn’t anything wild, but the smoothness combined with the tightness will feel amazing. There’s a good reason this model was the pioneer that made Fleshlight as famous as it is now.


The Fleshlight Girls


To be quite honest, we couldn’t make up our minds and pick just one of the Fleshlight Girls sleeves. In fact, they are so amazing that they have sprouted more than one argument among our writing staff.


What can we say — to each their own. However, there was a unanimous vote for two specific textures that came out as winners.


Jenna Haze’s Obsession


All ribbed for our pleasure, Obsession is the perfect combination of tight ribbing and soft nubs that will drive anyone wild. Furthermore, as a nice bonus, you can link Obsession with the Launch for a hands-free experience of a lifetime.


Stoya The Destroya


Much like the name itself, the Destroya doesn’t let you down. Extremely realistic, with chambers that will suck the life right out of you, this Fleshlight even has some scary-looking features. However, although some chambers might look like the jaws of death, you’ll get nothing but pleasure by shoving yourself into Stoya’s pussy.


The Vortex


Every man loves a good blow job. In fact, some would argue there’s no such thing as a bad blow job.


Well, let’s not get into that particular debate right now, especially because — it doesn’t matter! With The Vortex, you’ll get perfect suction and friction every time.


The Primal


Ideal for hung men with monster dicks, The Primal can accommodate everyone. It’s very powerful even though it doesn’t offer much variety when it comes to texture. Additionally, the pleasure is intense, as the tightness is mindblowing.


The Wonder Wave


Perfect for lovers of uniform pleasure and pressure, the Wonder Wave has curves that will leave you wondering — why haven’t I tried this before? What’s more, the suction is almost perfect both while you push in and while you push out, which makes the Wonder Wave better at sucking than any of your previous girlfriends.



A few parting words of wisdom


If you’ve found the perfect match, we’re happy for you. However, for those of you who are still pondering all the choices and weighing your options, here’s a piece of final advice — don’t go overboard.


Maybe you think that choosing the wildest texture, combining it with crazy features and making the entire thing extra tight is the best idea ever. However, it might make your play short and to the point. If that’s your thing, then go for it, man, but if you’d like to play a bit more, consider everything.


It’s also very crucial to know your size and not to hurt yourself. Tightness feels amazing only until a certain point, and you should definitely stop if you’re feeling unpleasant pain. For beginners, it’s always better to start small and work your way up than the other way around. You can always get a tighter Fleshlight, but you can’t get the feeling back in your Johnson if you shove it into a crevice so tight that it breaks it.


So play with yourself, enjoy it, but be careful. Maintaining genital health is of the utmost importance. We’re all passionate believers that wanking prolongs the life, but wank responsibly!

Powerful Tongue Vibrators That Will Have You Begging For More Or To Stop

Tongue vibrators… most people think they are for the clit, but that’s not what they’re all about. Yes, tongue vibrators will set your clit on fire, but they are also good for your nipples, ass and even balls. There are great for a host of areas on your body.


Tongue Vibrators: Which Models Are The Best Of The Best?

There are two kinds of tongue vibrators out there:

Tongue Vibrators
Tongue Vibrators
  • Tongue-like Vibrators – These are vibrators that are designed to mimic the sensations, movements and effects of an actual tongue on the clit. Simply put, these are oral sex stimulators, and many of them are shaped after the tongue.
  • On-Tongue Vibrators – These vibrators are placed on your tongue. While you’ll still be using your tongue during the sex act, it can increase the sensations that are given to your partner during the act. While girls like getting some tongue action, they can be pushed over the edge with a vibrating tongue. This is what an on-tongue vibrator can make happen.


How To Handle Your Partner’s Insecurities…

If it appears your partner is jealous of the tongue toy, there are two things you can do to mitigate their ego hurt:


  • Reinforce to them that their oral skills are better than any toy and that plastic toys can’t replace the real thing (even if you don’t feel that way).
  • Ask them if they’d like to try using the toys themselves to see what kind of sensations they get from it. They can use it on their own body parts to see what all the hype is.


After all, who could not use another tongue for their sex sessions?


Popular On-Tongue Vibrators For You To Consider

Popular On-Tongue Vibrators
Popular On-Tongue Vibrators

On-tongue vibrators are designed to sit on the tongue. It’s similar to a cock ring, but it’s a ring for your tongue that will bring vibrating pleasure to your partner and their private parts – clit, balls, ass, nipples, etc. That’s the purpose of these vibrators, but that doesn’t mean you can use it by itself. If you’re looking for tongue toy that you can use on your own, then you need the other tongue vibrators.


On-tongue vibrators are good for two reasons:


  • Couple Play – Most people like to shake up their sexual relationship – keep the spice going in the relationship. By putting a plastic strap-on tongue on your tongue, you can have a little fun with your partner between their legs, on their nipples, in the ass or wherever you feel like giving them a pleasing sensation.


  • Improved Oral Sex – If your partner isn’t that good at giving oral sex, then using a vibrating enhancement such as an on-tongue vibrator can be the best thing for you. Of course, bringing it up to them without hurting their feelings may be difficult to do. However, if you approach the topic in a casual way such as trying something new, they may be a little more keen on the idea of using this sex toy.


Tongue Teaser


This on-tongue vibrator sits right on top of the actual tongue. It’s pink with a point and has a lot of power behind it. If you’re looking to improve your sexual experience with your partner, the Tongue Teaser can work. While you may not be keen on its shape, it does mimic the tongue in a very realistic way.

Tongue Teaser
Tongue Teaser

Now, it may not replace the tongue entirely; its smooth tongue feel does give it some realistic feeling to it.


Technical Specifications: It measures two inches long and one inch wide and comes with batteries.


Tongue Star Pleasure Vibe

Tongue Star Pleasure Vibe
Tongue Star Pleasure Vibe

This vibrator tongue pleaser looks more like a mouth guard than a tongue, but it attaches to your teeth and has a vibrating motor that sits under the tongue. This causes the tongue to vibrate and produce sensations that only one could imagine if they’ve never tried it before. The tongue you use is really yours,but it gives your tongue some added vibrations that you may never have considered before.

Technical Specification: It’s a 2.5 inch by 1.75-inch mouth card, and uses LR41 batteries.


Screaming O Lingo-O

Screaming O Lingo-O
Screaming O Lingo-O

This is a tongue ring vibrator that causes the tongue to vibrate for a better oral experience. It has tiny nubs on it to give it some additional pleasure and traction. The texture of the Screaming O Lingo-O is what surpasses the smooth one is intensity, but it all depends on what your personal sensibility and tastes are. If you think the vibration is a bit much with combined with the texture, you may want something different on your clit. The choice is yours, and you would know what is best.


Technical Specifications: This measures nearly six inches long and has a width of nearly four inches.


Popular Tongue-Like Vibrators For You To Consider

When it comes to these tongue vibrators, they are often bulky, long and thin. They may not always anatomically correct either. However, they are vibrators that do mimic tongues. The shapes may not be like a tongue, but they do offer users all the pleasure they could get from an actual tongue.


What are the two reasons you should consider these for your sex toy collection?


  • Singles Play – If you are not dating anyone or you like the idea of having sex on your own, there’s no reason you have to give up oral sex. Instead of using your fingers to get you off, you can use a gadget that lets you imagine someone (anyone) is giving you the best oral sex you have ever had in your life.


  • Improved Pleasure During Sex – There are many people who don’t like doing oral sex, but some who do. While it may be disappointing to find out your partner doesn’t like going down, the plastic tongue-like vibrator can replace the real tongue and do just as good, if not, a better job than an actual tongue.


Incredible Oral Tongue


This is actually a huge pink tongue that the manufacturers tried to make anatomically correct. It uses the tongue’s taste buds and changes them into ticklers that stimulate the clit and pussy. They are really good when they rub up against the pussy,and the tongue is vibrating.

Incredible Oral Tongue
Incredible Oral Tongue

What’s even better about this tongue vibrator is that it works for another reason. You can jam the tip of it into the vagina,so it reaches your G-spot.  While it’s better to use G-spot vibrators with a curved shaped, it’s better than any vegetable that could be used.


Technical Specifications: This tongue measures 6.25 inches long and is about two inches long. It needs one double A battery and is waterproof.


Utimi G-Spot Tongue Vibrator


Why is this tongue vibrator such a popular option? It’s a really big tongue, is shaped like a tongue and its color is like the tongue. While this may seem all pretty boring, there’s a purpose for it. You can actually insert it into your pussy and feel like you’re being eaten out, all the way up to the G-spot of your pussy.

Utimi G-Spot Tongue Vibrator
Utimi G-Spot Tongue Vibrator

Let’s be honest; most men cannot get to the g-spot themselves with their tongue. While the toy can lick the clit, it can do that as well.


Technical Specifications: It’s about six inches long and one-inch wide. It’s chargeable by USB and is waterproof.


O-Zone Tongue Vibe


When it comes to wiggly vibrators, this is one that can wiggle with the best of them. The tongue wiggles back and forth in an effort to make you scream for more. Its vibrating patterns are set up to mimic the tongue’s movement during oral sex, which means your pussy will be licked, flicked, tickled and teased in all kinds of ways (10 ways, to be exact).

O-Zone Tongue Vibe
O-Zone Tongue Vibe

It comes with a remote control, which means you can have power over what happens to you during the oral sex masturbation. Or, you could allow your partner to control the remote and give you the kind of licking you only dreamed was possible without his/her tongue.


Technical Specifications: It’s about three inches long and two inches wide, is made of silicone and is recharged through a USB port.


Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator


Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator
Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator

This is one of the more interesting clitoral vibrators. After all, it looks girly and is a bit dangerous to boot. However, it’s just a pink vibrating tongue that is equipped with a handle. It’s great for use on your own or with a partner willing to try it.

This tongue vibrator is much smaller than others, but if you’re not into giant dicks with a tongue sticking out of it. It’s also very discreet with a single speed, and that may not be enough for some users.


Technical Specifications: This waterproof tongue vibrator is 4.25 inches long with a 1.5-inch width. It uses four LR44 batteries and can be used near water.


10 Speed Wireless Female Vibrator


One of the most unique toys on the market is the 10-Speed Wireless Female Vibrator. And, there’s no guessing as to why. Unlike other tongue vibrators, this one doesn’t have one. Instead, it’s a stimulating egg that envelops several vibrating tiny nubs that are intended to give you a whole new level of masturbatory experiences.

10 Speed Wireless Female Vibrator
10 Speed Wireless Female Vibrator

The features of this vibrator are designed to give you a real sensation to pussy tongue licking as if you were getting it from a willing partner. Best of all, you get 10 different speeds to be lickedfrom. Masturbation doesn’t have to be lonely anymore.


Technical Specifications: It has 10 speeds, recharges by USB and is waterproof.


Fun Factory Volta Flickering Tongue


Fun Factory Volta Flickering Tongue
Fun Factory Volta Flickering Tongue

This is considered a favorite among many users. How so? It doesn’t come with one point tips, but rather two of them. This means you can put your clit in between them and let the tongues rip your clit apart and send you to orgasm heaven. Or, consider putting your nipples in between them and see what happens.

The idea is to give you the sensation that the tongue is moving all around your clit and that you’re actually getting licked. While you may want the real thing, this is certainly a contender for a stand-in.


Technical Specifications: You charge this 7.5-inch by 5.5-inch baby with a USB port, and can use it in the water too.


Clit Kisser Vibrator


Why should you consider this tongue vibrator for your sexual pleasure needs? There is much that this vibrating jelly tongue can do for you. The manufacturers designed it,so the tongue stuck out of the mouth instead of affixing a tongue-like silicone piece to the product. Simply put, there are lips to the Clit Kisser Vibrator.

Clit Kisser Vibrator
Clit Kisser Vibrator

While this may seem a little creepy, the toy is very interesting and does what it’s designed to do. The mouth is simply a jelly sleeve covering a remote controlled bullet vibrator. Want to use it without the sleeve? You can. If you want to put the sleeve onto another vibrator, you can do that too (especially if another device does better for your tongue flicking clit needs).


Technical Specifications:  It measures seven inches long, comes with more than one speed and uses two double A batteries.


Power Play Flickering Tongue

Power Play Flickering Tongue
Power Play Flickering Tongue

If you’re tired of telling your partner where to lick and how, or if you want a deeper face fuck into your pussy, then you’re going to want this tongue vibrator. It’s made of silicone, is flexible and has a remote control. You can use it on your clit, nipples or any other sensitive area on your body. Get really kinky and use it on your partner’s balls to see the reaction on his face. You can also use it for some anal action.

Technical Specifications: This tongue is four inches long with a 1.5-inch width. It needs four triple A batteries to run and can be used in the water.


Red Hot USB Flickering Tongue Vibrator


This tongue looks like a pepper, which is probably how the manufacturer came up with the device’s name. The “pepper” tongue vibrator has a pointy tip, flexible and made of silicone. Once it starts vibrating, your clit will feel the flickering the toy causes. Move over tongue! You’ll feel like a pepper is licking your clit.

Red Hot USB Flickering Tongue Vibrator
Red Hot USB Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Technical Specifications: It measures five inches long and is chargeable via USB.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Throbbing Powerful Flickering Tongue Vibrator


Dr. Joel Kaplan Throbbing Powerful Flickering Tongue Vibrator
Dr. Joel Kaplan Throbbing Powerful Flickering Tongue Vibrator

You may feel intimidated by this powerful tongue vibrator because of its huge size. While you may not be turned on by a large, pointy tongue, this will get you all hot and bothered. You don’t want to judge a book by its cover – to think it’s not enough for you. The name of the vibrator is throbbing,and it does a lot of that for you. Your clit is going to throb from all the intense pleasure this vibrating tongue has to offer. If you’re into powerful toys, you want this one today.

Technical Specification: It’s nine inches long with a 5.2-inch width. It uses three double A batteries and is waterproof.


Rotation Tongue Vibrator


Rotation Tongue Vibrator
Rotation Tongue Vibrator

While dual purpose toys do get some edge, this one does compete well. How so? It’s a dildo with a fan-like component that can simulate the tongue’s feelings and movements on the clit. You may feel like it’s cheating,but it’s definitely worthwhile.

It can also penetrate you if you want that, but it can certainly give your pussy the licking you desire too. Talk about a double stimulation that will ensure you orgasm hard when it happens.


Technical Specifications: This vibrating tongue has 10 speeds, with a 12×12 frequency vibration. You can also use in the shower thanks to the waterproof design.

20+ Clitoral Vibrators That Will Set Your Pussy On Fire

Clitoral Vibrators

If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a clitoral vibrator, you’re going to find that the market is full of them. They come in various sizes and shapes, and can actually help you to have an orgasm because they will find the clit.

About 70 percent of all women need some type of clitoral stimulation to actually have an orgasm.  When women are unable to cum even through sexual stimulation and intercourse, it can make them feel as if something is wrong with them. However, they shouldn’t blame themselves, and most men don’t even think to explore the clitoris.


Thankfully, the sex toy industry had answered the needs of these women with the more than 20+ clitoral vibrators on the market – of all kinds and price ranges. Of course, before we go into the different ones on the market, you should know what a clitoral vibrator is, how you can recognize one when you see it and why it’s important to have one.


What Is A Clitoral Vibrator?


This vibrator was made especially for the clit. No longer do you need to use household appliances to get you off; the clitoral vibrator can handle that all for you. They’re designed to be used externally; to stimulate the clitoris. They are usually smaller than G-spot vibrators and are often considered bullet vibrators (think rabbit vibe).

And, just recently, the market has seen a swath of new and better clitoral vibrators – in all shapes. They have been changed to improve the pleasure women get,and they are easier to use. Some clitoral vibrators are remote-controlled while others are hands-free or synch-able to smartphones.  Some of them can be recharged via a USB or their battery operated.


Whatever the case, they are great in giving you an orgasm that fingers and a partner may not always be able to do. It can certainly improve a couple’s sex experience too.


What Are Some Of The Best Clitoral Vibrators On The Market?


Doc Johnson TRYST


Now, when it comes to clitoral vibrators, this one isn’t really considered one. While it produces the same stimulations as a clitoral vibrator, it’s designed for other areas of you and your partner’s body – their dick, your G-spot, etc. It’s equipped with two arms that can be used both internally and externally. You can have it pinch your nipples, clit or another sensitive area on your body.

Doc Johnson TRYST
Doc Johnson TRYST

Technical Specifications: It measures 5.4 inches long and is 2.2 inches wide. It’s rechargeable by USB outlet, is water resistant and offers both external and internal stimulation.


Embrace Foreplay Clit Massager


Embrace Foreplay Clit Massager
Embrace Foreplay Clit Massager

If you like clitoral vibrators with ears, then you want to consider the Embrace Foreplay Clit Massager. It can be used to tickle the clit or pinch it (using the ears) to produce another sensation altogether. You can also use it on your nipples or other sensitive areas of your body. If you want to use it like the classic rabbit vibrator, you can do that too.

Technical Specifications: It measures 3.5 inches long and is almost 2 inches wide. It can run for two hours before its batteries need to be recharged. You can also use it in the shower if you like since it is waterproof.


Eva by Dame


Eva by Dame
Eva by Dame

According to some individuals, sex is similar to a hug. While the Eva by Dame clit vibrator will definitely hug your clit, the hands-free vibrator means you can use it without having to involve your hands allowing you to do other things if you want or have the mental capacity for.

Its arms sit between the vulva lips, so the vibrator is nestled right on the clit. And, you can also use it with your partner when having sex. Talk about double orgasms.


Technical Specifications: Its 2.4 inches long, 1.7 inches wide with a rechargeable battery and waterproof.


FingO Nubby

FingO Nubby
FingO Nubby

How many times has your clitoral vibrator slip out of your hands or were unable to hold it in place to get the orgasm you wanted? The FingO Nubby solves the problem of slippery toys.  All you do is out the clit vibe on your finger, which allows you to hold it in the place you want it to go. There is slipping when you’re withering from the shakes and excitement. With its nubby texture, you are sure to get the kind of orgasm you only thought possible.


Technical Specs: 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, battery operated and waterproof.


Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager
Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

This clitoral vibrator is a classic and is considered an innocent sex toy that can bring you all the pleasure in the world you never thought possible. First marketed as a massager, many women discovered the pleasure it gave them sexually. It was like a bulldozer with immense power. Plug it into the wall, and the power is enormous.


Be aware that there may be a drawback to this clitoral vibrator (massager). You should use other vibrators before using it because it may desensitize your clit. While it may sound crazy, it’s true. Women have complained that the massager has made it impossible for them to use other toys or their partner to get an orgasm because of how powerful this device is.


Technical Specifications: The length of the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is 13 inches and has a rechargeable battery.


JimmyJane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator


JimmyJane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator
JimmyJane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator

The JimmyJane vibrator looks much different than the typical clitoral vibrator. It’s two-pronged, which may appear to some as upside-down legs or bunny ears. It has two motors, making it one of the most powerful clitoral vibrators on the market. Even if you can’t move past the looks, you can certainly say it’s got a lot of power to it.

Technical Specs: The 3/2 inch long, 1.9-inch wide JimmyJane vibrator can run for four hours before wearing down and can be used in water (waterproof).


LeloNea 2 Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

This clitoral vibrator is really cool to look at with its black, shiny and smooth design. For those who think it’s a little inexpensive plastic toy, you’ve got another thing “cumming.” If you spend the money on this toy, your clit is going to thank you for it over and over.

LeloNea 2 Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
LeloNea 2 Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Due to the rounded tip, it provides on-target stimulation to your clit. With the dip in the middle, you or your partner can easily hold onto it.


Technical Specifications: It’s about three inches long and a little over five inches wide. It comes with a built-in controller, is waterproof and is USB rechargeable.


Life by Leaf Clitoral Vibrator


When it comes to odd-shaped vibrators, the Life by Leaf is certainly one that ranks up there. It’s made to look like a leaf and no face. It has rounded but pointy ends that ensure precise stimulation to your clit. It looks fairly innocent compared to other clitoral vibrators, and it doesn’t come across as much of a sex toy.

Life by Leaf Clitoral Vibrator
Life by Leaf Clitoral Vibrator

Technical Specifications: This toy is four inches long but a little over an inch wide. It can run four hours before needing recharging,and it can also be used in the water.


Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral Vibrator


When it comes to rabbit vibrators, this is another one that takes the prize. While it may feel weird to shove a vibrating rabbit up your pussy, it’s sure to make you feel good, as the ears stimulate the sensitive area of your body.

Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral Vibrator
Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral Vibrator

Technical Specifications: It’s four inches long and 4.25 inches wide. It uses two double A batteries, has a remote to control it and can be used in water due to the waterproof design.


Lovehoney BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator


This vibrator looks similar to a toothbrush, microphone, mini flashlight or something else. In fact, compared to other clitoral vibrators, which have a futuristic feel and look to them, this one does not. However, while its size is lacking, it comes with four different heads that users can change out to produce various stimulation patterns.

Lovehoney BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator
Lovehoney BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

Keep in mind that the size of this vibrator means you can port it just about anywhere with you.


Technical Specifications: It measures 4.1 measures long and is three inches wide. It comes with a built-in controller and uses a battery for its power. You can also use it in the shower due to its waterproof design.


Mimi Soft by Je Joue Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Mimi Soft by Je Joue Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
Mimi Soft by Je Joue Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

This vibrator could be considered a pebble, as it’s not very big and doesn’t come across as sexy at all. The difference between it and others is that it’s comprised of silicone and can vibrate. Another difference is that it can handle the different types of stimulations clitoris need – hence the reason for the pebble appearance.


Technical Specifications: It measures 3.5 inches long and is five inches wide. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a built-in controller. And, it’s waterproof too.



MUZE Multifunction Bullet Vibrator


When it comes to clit vibrators, this may be one you would never have thought of. It’s got a four-inch steel bar that looks like anything. In fact, you could bring out in public view,and nobody would be none the wiser.  In fact, it’s not girly-girl; more I don’t need a man type of clit vibrator that will have you feeling good whenever you use it.

MUZE Multifunction Bullet Vibrator
MUZE Multifunction Bullet Vibrator

Technical Specifications: It’s four inches long and only 0.5 inches wide. It uses one triple a battery and lasts for eight hours. The vibrator even comes with a built-in controller.


Original Venus Butterfly


This clitoral vibrator is a strap-on but not in the sense you may be usedto. It’s not a cock but a clit vibrator that’s shaped just like a butterfly with wings and all. It’s got a pink color to it and has glitter on it. If you’re into looks, this may be what you need.

Original Venus Butterfly
Original Venus Butterfly

Why the strap though? It ensures the vibrator will stay in place while you’re using it, close to the body. You can use it on your own or with a partner. This butterfly clit vibrator is sure to set your clit soaring.

Technical Specifications: It’s three inches long and three inches wide, uses two double A batteries and has adjustable straps.


Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

This mini silver bullet brings with it a huge one-two punch to your clit. It’s one of the cheapest products you can buy on the market but is still quite powerful. When it comes to pleasure, everybody – of every household budget – should have this one in their drawer.

Power Bullet Mini Vibrator
Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

What’s so great about it? It’s small in size, which means you can take it traveling with you or hiding it from nosy people. You can also wear it in public,and no one would know.


Technical Specifications – This two-inch long, one-inch wide, waterproof vibrator uses three water batteries and has a built-in controller.


Power Play Flickering Tongue


Most women agree there’s nothing much better than a tongue playing with the clit or being thrust deep inside their pussy. And, if you don’t feel the same way, then your partner doesn’t know how to do oral sex right.

Power Play Flickering Tongue
Power Play Flickering Tongue

If you can’t get the right kind of licking or don’t have anyone that can do it for you, the Power Play Flickering Tongue Clitoral Vibrator can do the trick. It simulates real-life tongue movements and produces sensations that will leave you begging for more. Best of all, there’s no complaining about smells or straining.


Technical Specifications: It measures four inches long with a width of 1.5 inches. It needs four triple A batteries to work but is waterproof.


Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation


This clit vibrator is similar to the Womanizer in that it uses suction to stimulate your boat. No touching; just blowing air and suction on the clit to produce an out-of-this-world oral sex stimulation.  Most women would love not having to use their fingers and get oral where they don’t have to worry about giving it too.  This is why the Satisfyer Pro 2 came about.

Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation
Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation

Technical Specifications: It measures 6.5 inches long and is 1.5 inches wide. It can be recharged via USB and can be used in the water.


Silicone Pleasure Orb


Think of this clit vibrator as a beaded zeppelin design to screw your clit inside and out. This is what the Pleasure Orb will do, giving your hours and hours of fun. The silicone nubby is merely a sleeve – just a normal-looking vibrator playing dress up really. And, if you want to remove the sleeve, you can do that too. Add it to another bullet for double the fun.

Silicone Pleasure Orb
Silicone Pleasure Orb

Technical Specifications: It’s controlled by remote, has a nubby silicone sleeve but uses two double A batteries.


Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator


One of the best things women enjoy in sex is getting their pussy eaten. However, it’s an act that many men are scared to do or they don’t feel good at. Still, if you want something done that you enjoy, it may be best if you do it yourself. This is why this clit vibrator came about.

Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator
Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

It’s an oral sex stimulator with tiny paddles that can mimic a tongue’s movement over the clit.


Technical Specifications: It has 10 silicone tongue, can run for an hour before its batteries need to be recharged using a USB and you can use it in the shower too due to its waterproof design.


We-Vibe Tango


We-Vibe Touch
We-Vibe Tango

When you look at a We-Vibe Tango photo, it comes across like a dildo rather than a clit vibrator. While it’s phallic-shaped, it’s not big enough to be a dick. What you’ll get from this clit vibrator is a very powerful experience. You certainly don’t want this going up your pussy anytime soon. You may think it’ll be all good with the power it gives, but it’s not likely to be the case even with the small package.


Technical Specifications: It measures 3.8 inches long and is less than an inch wide. It can operate for two hours before its battery needs to be recharged. It comes with a built-in controller and is waterproof.


We-Vibe Touch

When you hear about the scoop of the We-Vibe Touch clit vibrator, the talk is about its ergonomic design that lets it fit snuggly on the curves of the body. While soft, it’s very powerful. It’s made in purple and will buzz like mad. Turn the different sides of it around to give you the stimulation you want – the intensity you desire.

We-Vibe Touchs
We-Vibe Touchs

If you don’t like targeted stimulation, don’t use the tip. The round part of it isn’t as aggressive with stimulation and won’t have you crying out in sheer agony from the power. Of course, if you’re into that kind of thing, that may be just what you want.


Technical Specifications: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this 3.9 inches long, 1.8 wide clit vibrator. You recharge it through the USB, and if you want some stimulation in the shower, it’s waterproof.


We-Vibe Unite

We-Vibe Unite
We-Vibe Unite

This clit vibrator, with its special shape, can be used alone or with a partner.  The Unite vibrator is bigger than other clit vibrators on the market and looks similar to a fish. It may seem threatening but is anything but. It doesn’t appear like a cock, which means your partner won’t feel out of place when you’re using it.


The great thing about this clitvibrator is that you can use it during sex and is very quiet. Who wants to use a vibrator that sounds like a chainsaw, drowning out the moaning sounds of your sex session?


Technical Specifications: It’s about three inches long and two inches wide with a girth of just over an inch. You can use it in water and charge it up using a USB port. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on it.


Womanizer W100


While the Womanizer W100 isn’t so scary in terms of name, it does have the kind of power that will stimulate your clit without you having to touch it. How so? It works through the suction concept and pulsating vibration. The Womanizer has many models that you can buy, and it’s sure to give you some fun with the clit.

Womanizer W100
Womanizer W100

Technical Specifications: It measures two inches wide and six inches long, but comes with a one year warranty and is rechargeable via USB.


What To Keep In Mind…

The clit is one of the most stimulating areas of the human body. While it’s nice to get oral sex from our partners, there may be instances when this just isn’t the possibility. Your partner may not be available when you want some oral sex or isn’t very good at it for you to cum. It may be that you have no partner at all.


Clitoral vibrators were designed so women can satisfy themselves whenever the need arises. Thankfully, there is an array of them to choose from on the market – something for everybody. If you’re new to the sex toy market and clitoral vibrators, you may want to go something with less power behind it. However, if you’re used to sex toys and want something powerful, consider just how powerful you want it for your clit and make your decision that way.

Remember, you’ve got suction vibrators, hands-free vibrators and others to pick from. Which one is the right one for you?

Vibrating Eggs and Bullets Pack A Lot of Power In Their Small Packages

Vibrating Eggs and Bullets Pack

Two of the most popular smaller sex toys are vibrating eggs and bullet vibrators, but how do you know which type to purchase? Should you go with an inexpensive bullet or do you want something a bit more unique and current? Whatever model you decide to go with, the chances of finding one that you want is high. There’s something for everyone out there!


A vibrating egg and bullet vibrator are great for women who just need a little sexual gratification without the assistance of a partner. It’s not uncommon for some women to use the bullet along with their partner for the intense pleasure it can bring.


Of course, you need to know what vibrating eggs and bullet vibrators are.


What Actually Are These Popular Sex Toys?

These puppies are called the mini toys of the sex toy industry and are a must for any sex toy collection.


  • The bullet looks like an innocent little toy and resembles a bullet (hence, the name). It’s not uncommon for a woman to think of it as her best friend in her time of sexual need.
  • The love egg is a little rounder and can do several tasks at once. It also looks like an egg or (in less sexual thrills a really large suppository).

There are a vast array of styles and designs to choose from, as sex toy manufacturers have come up with a plethora of creations. Some of the things you’ll find include animal shaped bullets, glow in the dark, bullets and so much more. Start your research into the matter, and you may be shocked by what you see.


10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black

10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black
10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black

If you’re looking for a little sophistication from your silver bullet, why not consider the 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black? If you’re not into novelty and all the little extras such as colors, this is the egg you’ve always wanted and more. It’s got a black velvet cover with 10 vibrating pulsations and speeds. You can easily remove the cord if you don’t feel like having it on there when you’re using it. It’s one of the coolest bullets on the market and is sure to bring you to your knees.


50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg

50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg

This is a very unique, stylish egg that’s designed for those who like to walk on the edge of life. If you’re all about public orgasms and teasing partners, this is the egg for you. It’s got a remote of up to 25 feet, which means you could be screaming in another room.  It has four vibrating function and three vibrating speeds.



A&E Vibrating Silver Bullet 2


The A&E line of toys are amazing, but it’s the Silver Bullet 2 that takes the top prize. The manufacturer has improved its design by adding, even more, stronger vibrations. It comes with an extended extension cord that has the controls on it. This means you could use it all over the body without having to stretch it. You can even use it on your toes without any problem.

50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg

You can keep the vibrations on low and pulsing, or you can take it up full max. The reality is that this bullet is sure to set you on fire and screaming.


Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator

Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator

If you’ve never had a sex toy before, this is an ideal one for novices. It’s geared toward individuals who want a tame sex toy but still gives you immense pleasure. It’s a multi-speed control egg vibrator that can work you up to the more naughty toys on the market. Of course, it may be the only thing you ever get, and that’s fine too.


Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet

Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator

If you’re not into intense buzzing, you do not want this bullet – it comes with a big punch. The great thing about it is that it’s mainly a clitoral vibrator, so it fits into a woman’s curves. Its detachable love egg can go in your vagina or anus if you so choose. It has a long cord with two-speed vibrations.


Bullet Blaster Kit

Body & Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet
Bullet Blaster Kit

While this baby sounds harmful, it’s anything but unless you pass out from all the orgasms. The controller looks similar to its nose hair trimmer, but it comes with a plethora of bullet accessories. It comes with four different colors and textured sleeves. It’s a kit that is bound never to be boring.


Chakra Bullet Vibrator

Chakra Bullet Vibrator

The Chakra Bullet vibrator may be small,butits power is intense. It’s got a smooth texture and was designed with 10 power settings that include gentle massage to feeling like you’re going to the moon. And, despite the amount of power it has behind it, it’s still very quiet. The only drawback is that it’s got a wire to it, but you could overlook that with the power it can provide you and your orgasms.




Couples Silicone Stimulator 


Couples Silicone Stimulator
Couples Silicone

What kind of dirty things could you do with this bullet? It’s a corded bullet vibrator that includes a silicone pleasure nub cover and a penis sleeve cover. It’s about two inches long and one inch wide with a teardrop-shaped controller, ensuring it never falls from your hand at the least opportune moment.

It offers three pulsating settings and two speeds, plus it’s got flashing LED lights,so you don’t have to keep the overhead light on.




Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet


The 50 Shades franchise has led to an array of new sex toys to hit the market, and the Fifty Shades of Grey We AimTo Please Vibrating Bullet is certainly a contender for one of the best on it.

Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet
Fifty Shades of Grey

What’s unique about this vibrating bullet? Its vibe is tip-focused,butit only has one speed. You just push the tip,and the bullet is ready for playtime. It measures a length of 3.3 inches and a width of 0.5 inches and has no wires for you to mess with. Instead, a single battery will power this baby up.

If you’re new to the sex toy market, this is one to really consider.


Glow-In-The-Dark Dual Bullets

Another great use-in-the-dark bullet is the glow-in-the-dark dual vibrating bullet. The controller has a speed dial, which is made out of firm plastic. The great thing about this dual bullet is that you can use them both for yourself or share them with a partner. Whatever you decide to do, just sit back and enjoy the show you get from the light it comes with. 

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibe

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibe
Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibe

If you want a vibrator that can fit in your hand’s palm, this is it. Remember what people say about small things? They tend to be the best. Well, that’s what you get with the Form 2 Vibe. It has for vibe settings and can work in various areas of the body. It’s so powerful that you may need a blanket in your mouth to muffle the screams of pleasure.


Kinki Stix Bullet Vibrator

Kinki Stix Bullet Vibrator
Kinki Stix

The unique aspect of the Kinki Stix is that it’s not designed to look like a sex toy, which is great if you still live with your parents or have roommates. It looks more like a keyring that slips over your finger and provides you two inches of pleasure that can vibrate like crazy.


Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5” Massager

Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5” Massager
Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5” Massager

The Lelo Siri 2 is certainly different, as it can vibrate with or without music. Any ambient noise will cause it to vibrate such as your partner’s voice, other music or its eight pre-set vibes. It’s a bit classy for some users but just right for others.


Love Bullet

Love Bullet
Love Bullet

The Love Bullet is small and discreet, allowing you to pop into your purse whenever you want to use it. It comes in various colors – ideal for women who like to have girly-looking toys. If you love pink, there’s a pink Love Bullet for you to buy.


My Private O Vibrator


O Vibrator
O Vibrator

This little vibrator is a mere three inches long and a half inch wide. If you’re into the traditional vibrators, this is the one you want. It’s both waterproof and wireless with just one speed. It’s got colored ridges (inlaid TPR stripes) that ensure you hold onto it better. It’s the best vibrator for novice sex toy users.





O Glow Bullet

O Glow Bullet
O Glow Bullet

As you might have thought it, the O Glow will glow. You can find it in four different colors with LED lights. And, if you’re looking for a light show in your bullet, this is the one to get. It’s not very expensive and can be used by anyone who wants a little fun in their bedroom.


Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser


Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser
Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser

Did you ever want a bullet with a heart-covered sleeve? If so, then the Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser may be what you need. It’s a silicone heart patterned sleeve,and the tip comes with a suction cup with little soft nubs on the inside. It’s great for stimulating the clitoris and would be ideal for any woman who wants to get off whenever she pleases.


Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

Power Bullet Mini Vibrator
Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

This is a great purchase and is quite small in size (two inches long, one-inch wide). Another reason it’s so good is that it’s got a reallylow price for it. However, don’t take for granted the size and price; it’s going to vibrate you just right. It’s got a push button control and is waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you so feel the need.


Rocks-Off 10 Speed Bamboo Bullet

10 Speed Bamboo Bullet
10 Speed Bamboo Bullet

When it comes to discreet bullets, this one looks like a lipstick – something to be mindful of if your friends want to use your lipstick. You can easily move the angled tip,so it hit the most important spots to produce out-of-this-world sensations. It’s designed with 10 speeds, which you can switch back and forth on. Use it on your own or with a partner – the choice is yours.


Silicone Pleasure Orb

Silicone Pleasure Orb
Silicone Pleasure Orb

What’s unique about the Silicone Pleasure Orb is that it resembles a workplace passkey,but its raised nubs are sure to set your pussy on fire with orgasm after orgasm. It’s a classic in the sex toy department. It’s got a removable purple nubbed sleeve that allows you to use the smooth part of the bullet. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can put the sleeve on another sex toy.


Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack

Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack
Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack

When you want class from a vibrator, you get it with this model. It’s a simple silver bullet that comes with a see-through nubbed sleeve with no unusual-looking attachments or bright colors. It’s smooth and has a firm round head and raised nub shaft – ideal for people looking for a superb sensation from a tiny package.


Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators

Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack
Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators

Are you looking for a sex toy that offers double the fun, double the pleasure? The Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators may be what you are after. You can either both vibrators yourself or share with a partner to give the vibes you want. A single vibrator may not always get to the places you want it to go, and using two toys at once just doesn’t always do it.


The bullets are designed with seven settings for sheer pleasure.


Sultry Sensations Vibrator Kit

Sultry Sensations Vibrator Kit
Sultry Sensations Vibrator Kit

Think of this little bullet vibrator as a plastic dildo that comes with extra silicone sleeves. You can maintain its simplicity or use a realistic penis sleeve. And, if you want, you can use the silicone tongue to provide you with some external stimulation.


Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet
Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

This little bitty bullet measures less than an inch wide and has a velvety outer. It’s equipped with more than one speed that you control in an up and down motion. If you’re in the dark, it can light up the area with its LED lights.


Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet

This bullet is packed with power, and even on its lowest setting is pretty intense. All you need it two double A batteries to get the intense orgasm you only dreamed was possible from this small toy. The bullet is shaped with ridges to ensure pleasure and has a 30-inch cord so you can use it how you want without getting all mixed up.


The Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet is not just for women; men can also use it for the small vibe. However, it’s certainly useful to warm up a partner who’s never had fun with a sex toy before.


We-Vibe Tango Bullet

We-Vibe Tango Bullet
We-Vibe Tango Bullet

This is thought to be one of the best bullets being sold. It has eight vibration speeds and is super quiet. It’s got a plastic outside, which causes the vibrations to be even more intense than if it has a silicone cover.


We-Vibe Touch


This bullet is made of soft, flexible silicone. It’s got an odd shape that allows it to mold to your form, ensuring you get the most pleasure you can from the intimate contact. It can fit any need you need it to fit. It can last up to two hours without a charge, and it’s very discreet because most people don’t know what it is.


Whisper Micro Heated Bullet

Whisper Micro Heated Bullet
Whisper Micro Heated Bullet

What makes this sex toy a little different from others is that it’s a one-inch toy that heats up – literally. Most people love getting heated up – it’s a reason people crave warmth during the winter months. Thanks to the Whisper Micro Heated Bullet, you’ll stay warm in all kinds of ways. And, this tiny jewel will be your go-to during this cold nights when you’re either alone, missing your partner or want to add more heat to the bedroom.


Wonder Bullet

The classic wonder bullet has a simple design to it, and it’s not anything more than just a great little bullet vibrator. It has three speeds and five pulsating patterns. If you’re not into the fancy stuff and just want to stick to the classic products, this is the one for you.


Natural Contours – BonBon Vibrator

The BonBon vibrator was created to fit in your hands. Just put the base of it in your palm while the tip is put on the clitoris (or other spot) to generate some stimulation. This is a good option for people who find it hard to hang into the typical bullet when the buzz has them feeling satisfied.

Natural Contours – BonBon Vibrator
Natural Contours – BonBon Vibrator

It’s about three inches long and two inches high, but still very small to be inconspicuous. For those who don’t know what this is, if they should find it, they may think it’s a remote control for a CD player or something.


Interactive Trio Bullets

Interactive Trio Bullets
Interactive Trio Bullets

The Interactive Trio Bullet is what the name implies – three bullets in one. It sounds boring, but it’s anything but boring. In fact, you may be unable to move after having used it. Women can use this bullet on their clit, in their vagina and their anus at the same time. Men can use it for both anal and ball stimulation. You can also use it with friends. With many variations, you are sure to have a good time cumming.


Rocks Off 80mm Bullet

Rocks Off 80mm Bullet
Rocks Off 80mm Bullet

Rocks Off is known for making high-quality sex toys, and the 80mm bullet certainly ensures that reputation stays intact. The vibe helps to bring women and men quickly to an orgasm. Best of all, it’s only 2.5 inches long, is waterproof and is very easy to clean. While you can take it traveling with you, it may be best if it’s by car only.


Platinum Power Bullet

Platinum Power Bullet
Platinum Power Bullet

When it comes to bullets, the Platinum Power Bullet takes on a futuristic design. It measures five inches long, which means you can use it both externally and internally. With its smooth design, you can easily insert into any orifice and enjoy the fun it brings.  If you’re into waterproof vibrators but don’t think they’re long enough, this bullet is what you need.


How Couples Can Use A Vibrating Bullet In Their Lovemaking Sessions


Bullets are wonderful toys for somebody who wants to be discreet when needing a little sexual gratification. However, they’re great to use in a relationship too. The majority of men feel comfortable with the fact that their partner is using a three-inch bullet rather than some nine-inch dildo.


Whatever toys a partner uses, it’s important to consider how the man is going to feel about it. After all, some men think it’s an insult to have something bigger than himself in the bedroom.  What men don’t understand is that the bullet – be it a basic design or something intricate – is a powerful sex toy that can be used alone or during a sex act with a partner.

What a vibrating bullet is for is to tease your partner. If you love to live on the edge, the vibrating love egg is just what you need. It’s great for people who want to add some spice to their sex life. The great thing about a bullet is that you can give the remote to your partner and they can tease you with it. If it’s a wireless remote, consider all the joy it can bring even when you’re out in public.


A bullet gives them power in the foreplay, making you surrender to their control.


And, if you don’t have a partner, you can use these yourself internally and externally. The choice is yours.


Best First Bullet Vibrator To Consider:


If you’ve never bought a sex toy before, it’s best that you use something simple. You don’t want your first toy to put you off from trying others. You also want to buy a toy that’s fairly cheap so you can eventually find one that you like. What are some of the best novice sex toys to get you started?


  • 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black – This is a classic bullet that ensures you’ll cum and cum.
  • Body and Soul Transcend Vibe and Bullet – This is a high-quality toy that every woman should have in their drawer.
  • Whisper Micro Heated Bullet – This is ideal for the foreplay.


Best Experienced Vibrating Bullets To Consider:


If you’re an experienced sex toy user, graduating from the novice toys, it’s time you try something else to get the sexual gratification job done. Rather than sticking to the basic stuff, it’s time you try something a little more unique to get your “freak on.


  • Bullet Blaster Kit – This comes with four different sleeves that can spice up a relationship.
  • Rocks-Off 10 Speed Bamboo Bullet – This bullet vibrator comes with 10 speeds that are sure to leave you weak in the knees.
    Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5” Massager – You can use the soundtrack to create a party all your own.


Best Powerful Bullet Vibrators To Consider:


For people who enjoy powerful vibrations, there is a short list of a few that you need to keep on hand. While they can literally have you cumming and cumming, they are still very quiet. Would you really want to have a vibrator that sounds like a drill hammer? What are some bullet vibrators you should consider buying for your sex toy stash?


  • Chakra Bullet Vibrator – This combines both quality and power into one that is sure to have you satisfied all the way around.
  • We-Vibe Tango Bullet – This is one bullet that women have sworn does its job and more in making them feel good.
  • Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet – This bullet brings on a lot of stimulations to those special places.


Best Partner Bullet Vibrators To Consider:


There are an array of bullets designed for couples, but the three best ones include:


  • Interactive Trio Bullet – Great for more than two sex partners at a time.
  • Glow In The Dark Dual Bullets – If you’re having sex in a dark room or when there is no moon out, this is the bullet you need.
  • 50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg – This vibration egg comes with a remote control that is sure to bring you lots of indoor and outdoor fun.



25 Hottest Sex Toys You Can Use To Spice Up Your Love Life

25 Hottest Sex Toys

It’s never been easier to purchase a sex toy with so many reputable Internet stores that offer various sex toys and accessories. However, trying to choose the perfect sex toy can be difficult. How do you know which one is best for you? Do you buy a vibrating egg? Should you purchase a lifelike artificial vagina or go with a full-blown sex robot?

The options are many, and the choices are great – where does that leave you?


If you’re having a difficult time trying to find a sex toy that’s right for you, look no further. Below is a list of 30 potential sex toys – from female sex robots to textured masturbation sleeves – that can ensure you have an orgasmic time over and over. You’ll learn about basic masturbators that have no moving parts, pulsating artificial vaginas, rotating dildos and other devices that are sure to please you anytime you want anywhere you want.


Interactive Sex Robots


When it comes to sex toys, realistic sex robots (interactive sex robots) have realistic holes,and you can dress them up in any way you want. The only drawback to these sex toys is that they are bulky and cost a lot of money. For some people, saving the money up to get one is well worth it.

Most people have never heard of sex robots instead of what they’ve seen and read in movies and books. Most people imagine a female robot with artificial intelligence and a beautiful body.  Thanks to the sex industry’s advancement in technology, the imagination has come to life.


A sex robot that can cook, clean and feel every desire you have is still one for the movies and books. However, robotic sex dolls are a reality with companies such as Abyss Creations working on dolls that are completely interactive.  The dolls look so human-like, it’s a wonder anyone wants to buy one. Still, they’re extremely popular.  Here’s a look at three of the more popular advanced robotic sex dolls:




Abyss Creations LLC came up with the RealDoll design – something they’ve been doing for quite some time. They are constantly working on new features and improvements. The latest design is an AI sex robot named Harmony (it’s already available on the app). You can alter the personality so you can carry on conversations and it can learn to change with your preferences.


Think of it as a sexy Siri. Of course, development did not stop with the app. Rather, a robotic head was designed that you can now purchase with a lifelike RealDoll body.


Solona and Harmony are the names of the latest moveable robotic heads that control the partner apps. They move, blink and speak; they even have facial expressions. You have your choice of RealDoll bodies for the heads, which can you customize for your vaginal and anal holes.


The AIs of the RealDollX are very expensive, with a starting cost of close to $12,000 for just the head and standard body. If you get it, you’ll also need to pay for the app.



Synthea Amatus
Synthea Amatus

SyntheaAmatus created the sex robot Samantha that the company claims can learn with you, changing itself to meet your personality and habits. She demands your attention. When it comes to her appearance, she’s not as lifelike as other AI sex robots, but there is one feature she has that many others don’t – G-spot. This is the spot inside the vagina where she feels when a person is touching it.


What does that mean? She’s a sex robot that can have an actual orgasm or mimics one.


AI Talking Sex Robot


A Chinese robot factory is responsible for the AI Talking Sex Robot with a moveable body that can be adjusted into various positions. The responsive AI means she can respond to conversations. She’s also not as realistic as other AI sex dolls such as the SyntheaAmatus and RealDollX, but it’s got several features such as intelligent heating and touch-sensitive regions of the body.


Sex dolls are typically purchased for companionship, and with AI capabilities, they make them feel really real. There have been huge improvements in this area, but still, sex dolls without AI capabilities are a big thing too.


Sex Dolls


Sex dolls are more than just toys for acting out sexual desires. They look very real that goes beyond the physical shape. It doesn’t matter if you want a customizable companion or a decorative hole, you have a wide array of sex dolls you can choose from.



RealDoll is just an actual doll, but when talking about a lifelike sex doll, they are one of the best sex dolls on the market. Their body parts, type and skin tone can be customized. You can also choose eye color, makeup and hairstyles (pubic hair included). You can also choose from various vaginal styles. Even better, you can find RealDolls models for men and transgender.


Talking, Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator


There’s also the real-sized vagina and ass masturbator with a life-sized butt and built-in speaker that is motion-activated. It’s charged via USB cable, and thrusting into a hole will start the tiny vibrator, various dirty talking and moaning.


You and Me Sex Doll

This sex doll is similar to the Fuck Me Silly Masturbator with its moaning sound effects. It’s also a full-sized doll equipped with three holes (vagina, butt and mouth) as well as a wig. You can customize it to your taste.


Silicone Sweet Doll

Silicone Sweet Doll
Silicone Sweet Doll

The Silicone Sweet doll is comprised of silicone instead of the typical TPE. It’s got fully movable legs and arms that you can position in various ways. It also comes with three holes – vagina, butt and mouth.


NFDOLL Fabric Anime Love Doll


Fabric anime love dolls are extremely popular in Japan where they are called Dakimakuras. They tend to look very pornographic and look pleasing to fans’ eyes. The dolls are extremely soft, which makes them ideal bed companions and known as hug pillows.


Now, there is more to sex toys than lifelike AI sex dolls. There are a plethora of smaller batteries and electric-powered sex toys to choose from – masturbation toys and advanced sex aids for individuals and couples. What are some of them for you to try?


Sex Machines

Sex Machines
Sex Machines

There are all types of sex machines, and they’re all about function,not appearance. So, if you’re in the market for a companion doll or porn star vagina, a sex machine is not what you need.




The Sybian sex machine was created for women – although it’s okay to be used by couples. It’s just a box with a curved top that looks similar to a saddle. It comes with an array of attachments that you put on top that the user then sits atop of. The controller can control the rotation and speed. The movement, vibrations, shape and angle work in conjunction to produce powerful, extended orgasms.

Although it can be costly, it’s very popular.


International Extreme Sex Machine

International Extreme Sex Machine
Extreme Sex Machine

The International Extreme Sex Machine is a portable sex machine that looks like an egg – a hole on one end and dildo on the other end. There are two rings of pleasure beads that will stroke the penis and the dildo thrusting on the other side. It comes with seven speeds that you can choose from.  It’s charged via USB and comes with a mobile device holder that lets you use it along with visual aids and various other accessories.  You can also attach suction cups and position the way you want it.


BlowPro Auto Stroking Simulator

BlowPro Auto Stroking Simulator

The premise of the BlowPro is just as the name suggests; it works as if you’re getting an actual blowjob. Its firm outer case encases a soft inner sleeve and massage beds that will stroke the penis. The bright blue sleeve is a resemblance of the mouth,and the action it produces can be activated via remote control. The only negative aspect for the machine is that it’s battery powered instead of being rechargeable.


Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine


The Cowgirl sex machine is similar to the Symbian. It’s a ride-on, saddle-shaped seat with an array of attachments that you can use. It’s used with a smartphone app and is usable with other devices. It also comes with a wired controller.


Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

When you first see this sex machine, you’ll think it doesn’t look anything like it. It’s more like a functional kit but nothing sexy about it. It’s got two metal legs with a protruding rod (the dildo) sticking out at the end. A controller allows you to determine how much thrust and speed it generates.  The motor will control the moving arm and dildo. The design is simple but very effective in giving you the sexual gratification you desire.


LoveBotzBangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool

Love Botz Bangin Bench
Love Botz Bangin Bench

What you’ll notice about this sex toy is that it’s a stool. It’s got two elasticated straps that create a flexible seat. In the middle, the user sits and bounces on the dildo that ties off below it. You can also remove the dildo so your partner can put their head under the seat. It’s a very useful sex tool if you can use your imagination.


Artificial Vaginas


One of the more popular sex toys on the market are artificial vaginas. If you feel robotic devices are overly complex, then artificial vaginas may be just what you need. The majority of artificial holes don’t have moving parts, which means you need to use your hands to make them work. Or, you need to attach them to something that allows you to use them.

Artificial Vaginas
Artificial Vaginas

Artificial vaginas have material that mimics the look and feel of a vagina. They also have realistic anuses and mouths if you’re into that kind of thing. They can cause a tingling, rippling sensation that feels much like the actual act.


The two most popular brands are the Tenga and Fleshlight; although there are so many other brands out there. What are some of the most common artificial vaginas you can see on the market?


Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves


Fleshlight sleeves comprise of ultra-soft, real-flesh-like SuperSkin material. The majority of models tend to be large and bulky, and trying to clean them is a bit tedious. However, they have a hands-free feel that makes them so useful when you want to satisfy yourself.


They’re not very advanced like you’d see with robotic toys,but much work is given into developing the complicated textures,so you get a unique masturbation experience. There are hundreds of these textures for you to pick from with new models being added each year. They are certainly worth checking out if you want to satisfy your sexual needs yourself.

Fleshlight Vortex: Realistic Vagina

Realistic Vagina
Realistic Vagina

This artificial vagina is one of the more realistic-feeling masturbation sleeves you will find. The texture is made up of gentle ridges that zigzag along the sleeve’s interior. The walls’ narrowing and widening produce a soft pressure. The texture is mildly intense and is great for a vaginal hole.


FleshlightDestroya: Intense Vagina


Porn star Stoyais tied to the FleshlightDestroya sleeve, which is a part of the purchased for companionship.  The Destroya sleeve is modeled after the porn star’s pussy. If you’ve been thinking sex robots are too expensive, then you need to consider the Fleshlight Girls series. It allows you to think you’re actually having sex with a porn star.


Those who use the Destroya sleeve feel it’s one of the most intense ones on the market. It’s got a tight entrance that goes into a chamber loaded with bumps and then a narrowing forest that consists of long-stemmed fangs. If you have a sensitive penis, it may be best you don’t use this model of artificial vaginas.


Fleshlight Lotus Garden: Tight Vagina

Fleshlight Lotus Garden
Fleshlight Lotus Garden

The Lotus Garden Fleshlightwas designed after Katsuni’s pussy. The inside sleeve consists of thick walls that include tiny open sections that widen and close around the penis’ head. With the thick sides, the sleeve is quite snug, which can cause an intense orgasm.


Fleshlight Forbidden: Anal Sleeve


The Fleshlight Forbidden is one of the most well-known anal sleeves around. The sleeve is very tight with a ribbed entrance that goes into a wider chamber with walls that press into the penis to produce a soft, massaging sensation. It’s a very realistic feeling, which is why it’s so popular with the Fleshlight fans. There are two types that you can buy:


  • Basic anal holes
  • Molded Fleshlight Girls option


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Stamina Training
Stamina Training

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit sleeve was created to overstimulate the user’s sexual stamina, which does with the hundreds of tiny bumps within the sleeve. It’s very intense, and if you find you don’t like intense products, this may not be the one you want.


Fleshlight Turbo Ignition: Blowjob Sleeve

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition
Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

The Turbo ignition blowjob sleeve was created with a three-part cavity that feels like lips and a tongue that swallows the penis head before going into the more textured parts. There are no moving parts to this, which is why it’s regarded as a highly-advanced masturbation sleeve ever made.

Flashlight Succu Dry: Vampire Blowjob

Succu Dry Vampire
Succu Dry Vampire

The Succu Dry is smaller than full-sized sleeves, and are considered to be tighter too. They come in a novelty case that is made to look like a beer can. It’s got a vampire theme to it such as a mouth orifice with fangs and teeth. Its inside is full of long-stemmed bumps, making it a very intense sleeve. It’s ideal for men with smaller penises and those who do not have a very sensitive penis.



Tenga is a Japanese company that is known for its development of advanced masturbators, and who are constantly improving the designs they have come up with. A couple of these designs include the Tenga Flip Hole and Tenga Egg.

Tenga Mastubators
Tenga Mastubators


Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole
Tenga Flip Hole

This is a pretty simple masturbator that works like the Fleshlight. Itsouter case is hard,but the inside of the sleeve is soft. It’s got a hole on both ends of the device. The key difference between it and the Fleshlight is the design, which has a flexible section on the outer case. Here, there are three buttons to manually control the tightness placed on the penis. The masturbator is easy to clean, as the length of the device can be flipped open





Tenga Eggs

Tenga Eggs
Tenga Eggs

This masturbator is a single-use device, but if handled properly could be used several times. The egg is a soft,-egg-shaped sleeved that has textured interior walls. There are a plethora of textures you can pick from.  Since the Tenga egg is meant to be used one time, they don’t cost a lot of money,unlike other masturbators.


Utimi Vibrating Male Masturbator

There are several features of this male masturbator that make it different from other masturbator sleeves on the market. You can use it without your hands, placing it on its base. You can also angle to how you need it for your position. It comes with three speeds and has tiny bumps on the inside channel to provide you with additional stimulation.

Interactive Robotic Vaginas


 Robotic Vaginas
Robotic Vaginas

The next four models are masturbators in their own right. If you like the idea of a simple masturbation sleeve and want to try something unique, consider the following:

Fleshlight Launch


This device is regarded as a must-have accessory to the standard Fleshlight sleeve to give it more movement. The basic Fleshlight sleeve will latch to the device and will rhythmically move up and down. You can control the movement two ways – by buttons or through an app that was developed using specially-designed pornos.  The Launch will move the Fleshlight synchronized with the action happening.  Since you don’t know what could happen next, you never know what you’ll get with the masturbation device.


Bear in mind that some buttons make it too sensitive to use and some Fleshlight sleeves can’t fit over it. However, it’s considered a favorite among sex toy users.



This device works differently from the Launch. It adjusts the video action to your own movements. It works with a standard Fleshlight device and has specially designed videos you can download.


You are in control of the action, with the on-screen girl reacting to the movements you make. This means you’re an active participantin the porno. The VStroker includes a stamina training mode, which means you are challenged to maintain slow strokes to hold the orgasm off for as long as you can.


While it’s interesting,to say the least, it can be a bit tedious to use.


Kiiroo Onyx 2


What makes the Kiiroo Onyx different from the Fleshlight accessories noted above? It’s a self-contained masturbation device and cannot be used with the vast array of sleeves on the market. It is, however, inconspicuous when you’re using it, which means you could also hide it a little better.

The Onyx masturbation sleeve has 10 contracting rings that move in simultaneously to get you the feeling that you’re actually having sex. You can pair it with various devices and porno movies. It will move in rhythm to the action or your bed partner. You can also use it with a Bluetooth-enabled device or the Kiiroo Pearl. If you need to bring some spice to your relationship – near and far – this is what you need to use.


Lovense Max

Lovense Max
Lovense Max

This device resembles the Kiiroo Onyx in that it can connect to another device that allows couples to connect when they’re apart. It works with suction, vibrations and air pumps so the rippled interior walls will move around the penis. You can use it alone or with another device such as bullet-style vibrator that you can insert and use discreetly or the rabbit vibrator. You can use your cell phone to act as the remote control – something advantageous top other robotic vaginas.


Sex Chatbots


A sex chatbot is similar to talking via an instant messaging app with a sexual partner. Simply put, it’s sexting. Sex chatbots are set up to respond in a human manner by identifying the keywords and phrases you use. Of course, like any other product on the market, some are better than others.

You can find sex chatbots on the Internet – some designed for special reasons such as gay sex, BDSM and more. ZoZo is one such sex chatbot, but it’s responses to messages may not be what you expect.


Penis Massagers


Penis massagers were developed after an outcry for sex toys that didn’t need much input from users. These massagers are used by men who experience problems with attaining and maintaining an erection or for men who have little mobility. They deliver powerful sensations to the area without any movement or thrusting.


Hot Octopuss Pulse III

Octopuss Pulse III
Octopuss Pulse III

This sex toy is a waterproof sex aid that looks like it envelops around the penis. The vibrating PulsePlate oscillates to produce pulsing sensation on the penis’ underside. According to the developer, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III can deliver you a powerful orgasm, which can happen even when the penis is flaccid.


This makes it ideal for men who can’t attain an erection. It’s also ideal for foreplay times and useful for couples.


Cobra Libre II

Cobra Libre II
Cobra Libre II

The Cobra Libre II sex toy will vibrate the penis, and it stays in place while the toy works. There are 11 different vibration patterns, and touch buttons can control the speed.


Homemade Masturbation Sleeves


If you want a masturbator but don’t have the money to purchase on, you can always make your own. You just need some gloves, towels and sponges.


Of course, they’re not near as good as professionally-designed sleeves but does allow you to experiment until you do have the money or can’t want for the one you bought to come in the mail.


How A Properly Cared For Sex Doll Can Be Your Next Best Sex Buddy

Best Sex Buddy

There are three reasons people purchase a sex doll – sexual gratification, companionship and add a little bit of spice to a relationship. The great thing about sex dolls is that they don’t care how you look, what kind of job you have, the kind of car you drive or how much money you make. A sex doll is there for you when you want them and don’t judge you for anything positive or negative.


Sex dolls are considered a huge investment, with some people going into debt to buy the perfect one. And, if you’ve recently bought one, you need to know how to take proper care of it,so it stays in pristine condition and brings you immense pleasure when you use it.



What do you need to know?


First, you need to research the different types of sex dolls out there. Find a company you trust to purchase your sex doll from, taking the time here to really do your homework. You don’t want to purchase from just any company here. Really research the company, find out what people have to say about the quality and then decide if a sex doll from them is best for your money.


Once you have bought the sex doll, you wait for it to arrive.


7 Steps To Putting Your Sex Doll To Use


Unbox and Put Your Sex Doll Together


After you’ve made your purchase, the company you bought from will send it to you. It’s usually sent to you in a box that’s discreet,so no one will know what you have purchased. Now, in most cases, you can’t just take it out of the box and start having sex with it. In fact, you’re likely to have to assemble the doll.

Sex dolls
Sex dolls

Now, in some cases, a company will send a sex doll fully assembled, which could weigh 80 pounds or more. If not, you’ll need to assemble the doll. Create enough space to assemble it.


Be sure to open the package slowly using a knife or box cutter. You don’t want to cut too deep into the box because you could end up cutting your sex doll. If you cut along the packing tape, it should open along the seams (similar to a coffin).


Thoroughly Clean Your Hands


Don’t take the doll out of the box just yet. Instead, thoroughly wash your hands before you touch any part of the sex doll. The idea is not to get the doll dirty or smudged.


Take The Sex Doll’s Head Out


What you’ll notice in the boxing of your sex doll is that the head is sitting on the upper thighs. Carefully unwrap the foam wrapping and remove the head from the bag. Put the head on top of the bag near the box.


Unpack The Accessories


Your sex doll is likely to come with accessories such as cleaning tools, clothing and more. Take these out of the box and put them to the side. The only thing that should remain in the box right now is the blanket your sex doll is on and the body itself.


Use Scissors To Take Foam Off Body


Using the scissors, be sure to carefully remove the foam that encases the body. If you’re not careful, you could end up destroying the sex toy.


Use Blanket To Take Out The Doll


With your arms around the doll, slowly lift it and the blanket out of the box, putting it on the floor next to you. Be sure you are gentle to ensure no damage occurs to the sex toy.


Add Head To Sex Toy


Make sure you carefully install the head to the sex toy based on the manufacturer’s instructions and attach the wig too.

That’s all there is to it!


3 Ways To Have Sex With Your Sex Doll


The majority of people who buy a sex doll do it for sexual gratification. That’s the reason they were developed in the first place. Of course, there are some important things to bear in mind when it comes to having sex with your sex doll so it will last you for years.


Vaginal Sex



Most people who use a silicone doll use it for vaginal sex. And, most female sex dolls have a fully-functional vagina. You can purchase one with a fixed vagina or one you can remove. Be sure to learn what the vaginal opening depth is and choose one that’s right for your penis size.

Dolls that made of TPE or silicone have a realistic feeling to them. Their vaginas are designed to ensure the user’s pleasure as if you’re having sex with an actual person.  It works as you would expect – position the doll how you want and penetrate it. Have sex like you normally would, allowing the pressure and friction to give you the kind of orgasm you want.

Most sex dolls are designed for men to cum in.  (You’ll learn how to clean up the doll in a bit.)


Anal Sex

Many people think about anal sex but never act on it. Either they are scared to try it or are unable to find a person willing to try it with them. However, many sex doll manufacturers have designed dolls with an anal hole (both male and female) for anal sex. The idea is to give users the same kind of experience they’d get from the actual thing – a tight hole that fits just around their penis.


Oral Sex

oral sex
oral sex

You know it’s possible to buy a sex doll that will give you a blog job, but you may be wondering if they work similar to a real person. Sorry to say; that’s a no. There are some positive and negative aspects of oral sex with a sex doll. When sex doll manufacturers create their doll with a mouth, it’s for two reasons: to look nice and give users pleasure. While you’ll need some lube, you don’t need to worry about any gag reflex, stiff neck or what she’ll think of your cum when you do cum.


Using Lubricants With Your Sex Dolls


The majority of people use a lubricant with their sex doll to increase the pleasure they get from the act. If you opt to do the same, you need a water-based lubricant, as silicone or oil-based lubricants can lead to two issues:


  • Staining
  • Damage


Be sure to use lubricant in any place that you’re going to penetrate the doll. Not too much though! Using too much will lead to a sticky situation. If you need more lube, add warm water rather than the lube itself.This can cause the lubricant to work once more without damaging the doll.


If you like the dry approach method, use the powder. It doesn’t cause a lot of friction and can produce another whole kind of sexual sensation.


How and Where To Store Your Sex Doll


With your nicely assembled sex doll, where do you plan to store it? While you may want to leave your doll out, some people may feel a bit uncomfortable with it being out in plain sight. If you want something a bit more discreet, then you’ll be glad to know that some sex dolls have a storage kit. This lets you hang the doll in a closet or some other place that no one can easily find it.

Store Your Sex Doll
Store Your Sex Doll

You can also buy a storage case for your sex doll. The case can keep your sex doll hidden even in plain sight. Nobody will ever know that your sex doll is stored in it. If you have enough space under the bed, you could put the doll in the case and slide it up underneath.


When storing your sex doll, be aware of what the temperature is of the area in which you store it, especially if it’s made of TPE or silicone. Do not store in very cold or hot temperatures such as an attic with no ventilation in the summertime.


Should You Dress Your Sex Doll?


Everybody has an opinion about whether or not a sex doll should be dressed up. Some people just want a functional doll, and don’t want to bother with clothes. If you don’t feel like dressing up your sex doll, you don’t have to read any more than this.  However, if you do, then consider this:

Dress Your Sex Doll
Dress Your Sex Doll

There are a plethora of outfits and costumes that you can place your sex doll in. Clothing lets a person live out their fantasies – to role-play. The clothing and accessories can be purchased at any time. There are some people who love to buy clothing as if they were gifts at Christmas or a birthday.


If you love to purchase clothes and accessories, here are four tips to keep in mind:


  • Be aware of how big or small your sex doll is. You may find shopping for your sex doll easier in small, extra-small or petite-size women clothing. In the U.S., the best sizes for sex dollars is zero or one.
  • Look at the doll’s measurements, so you can get an idea of what clothing size is right for your doll.
  • Consider buying cheap clothing until you get the right size for your doll. By doing this, you’ll save yourself a ton of money should nothing fit right.
  • Keep a few safety pins on hand, so you can bin the skirts and shirts back for those that are a little too big.


Whatever you decide, the idea is to have a good time. Look at the various styles for your doll, order from a lingerie website or check out cosplay sites to see what clothing would be best. Have you ever wanted to be searched for a police officer, had a stripper tear your clothes off or had a thing for a video game characters? With clothing for your sex dolls, you can live the fantasy out.


Get Your Dolls Some Accessories

Dolls Accessories
Dolls Accessories

Accessories can add even more charm to your sex doll – accessories such as an anklet, bracelet or something similar. Do not use heavy jewelry or things that could scar or stain the doll. When you’re done, take the accessories off. You do not want to store the doll with jewelry or other accessories.


What Should You Do With Your Doll’s Hairstyle?

If you buy a sex doll, it may or may not come with a wig. If it does, you can always buy more wigs for it. However, you need to take good care of these wigs so they will last for some time. Yes, you can shampoo them as you would with regular hair. You can style it, add hair accessories and other things. If you want your doll to have a new hair color or style, you can change it up to give it a completely new look.


To Perfume or Not To Perfume


It’s normal for a person to want to spray their sex doll with a little bit of perfume. After all, perfume can cause people to think about a point in time they were happy and sex was outstanding. Yes, you can use perfume on your sex dolls, but you need to be careful about what type of fragrance you use and where it’s sprayed. Do not spray the perfume right on the doll, but all its clothing.


If your doll is made of TPE or silicone, do not use alcohol-based perfumes. The scent could get into the doll itself and turn bad.

Do Women Use Sex Dolls Too?


Women also purchase sex dolls to use, either for themselves or their partner. Women may use the dolls to act out sexual fantasies and sexually gratify themselves.  Of course, the interaction of the doll is a little different.  Penetration with a doll is not the same as a woman being penetrated. To handle the differences, the male dolls often have removable sex organs that can be used as a dildo.


Men can also use this as well.


Other Things You Can Do With Your Sex Doll


Sex dolls were designed to be treated as a real person. Therefore, you can hold, hug, caress or other things with your doll. If you want to roughhouse with your sex doll, you can do that too. The great thing about sex dolls is that they feel realistic – whether you are touching them or having sex with them.


By all means, enjoy acting out the fantasies you have – have a threesome with your partner and sex doll. Don’t go overboard, as you could damage the doll. If you’re not sure if damage has been done to your doll, look it over for potential signs of damage before use.


How To Properly Clean Your Sex Doll


If you take good care of your doll, it will last a long time. Make sure to research how to properly clean your doll or review the manufacturer’s instructions if they come with it (most do).


A tool you will need is a vaginal irrigator. Just fill the bulb syringe with soapy or clear water, inserting into the cavity you used. Squeeze the bulb so the doll will be flushed out. Whether you had vaginal or anal sex, the method will work.  If you have a removable vagina on your doll, you can take it off from the body and clean it in your sink or shower.

Clean Your Sex Doll
Clean Your Sex Doll

If you buy this online, the company will send it in an unmarked box,so no one is none the wiser.

It may not be a bad idea to use a condom and can help you to quickly clean your doll after you’re done having sex with it.


Be sure to keep ahold of the cleaning instructions. Make sure to wipe the doll down and dry it off completely. Take off any clothing or accessories that can cause it to stain. If you want to powder your doll before putting it back into storage, go with a cornstarch-based powder. Do not apply the powder until the doll is completely dry or you could end up with a huge mess.


Repairing Your Sex Doll


Although your sex doll is likely to last some time, how long it lasts is dependent upon how often it’s used and how rough you are with it. Most dolls are designed using high-quality, strong materials to endure rough make-out sessions. If they break, and that’s rare, you can actually repair the sex doll quickly and effortlessly.

Your sex doll will also come with a repair kit, and you can purchase replacement parts if necessary. If you cannot repair yourself, you can reach out to the manufacturer or the supplier you bought it from. They may be able to assist in you repairing the doll and send it back to you after repairs have been made.

Order A Customized Doll


You can also create a doll that meets your particular specifications. The manufacturer you buy from can develop your sex doll based on those preferences, ensuring that it looks and feels like an actual woman. If you buy a pre-made doll, you will still be able to customize it the way you want to a certain extent.


Be sure to reach out to your preferred manufacturer and tell them what you’re lookingfor. Most are more than welcome to accommodate you.


Can You Travel With Your Sex Doll?


Many people love their dolls so much that they take it wherever they go. If you want to have a little fun while traveling, you have a number of options to choose from. And, these dolls are quite portable. Now, if you want to travel with your full-size doll, it’s a bit more tedious but doable.

Treat the sex doll like any other bag you take with you, but be sure that you are discreet,so you don’t draw attention to yourself. Most customers will send their sex dolls ahead of time to their final destination – something you may want to consider. Most folks are not willing to help you move your sex doll, so you’ll be on your own in moving it.

What To Keep In Mind…


Yes, a sex doll can be very expensive. This is why you need to take into consideration everything about your sex doll – what kind of experience you want from it, how to take care of it, what to buy with it, etc. If you take great care of it, you can ensure a long lifespan for your sex doll that you can always enjoy whenever you want.

Blowjob Machines: How To Find The Right Device For Your Manhood

Blowjob Machines

Have a woman or man go down on you and give you a blowjob is just one of the best thing that can happen to a man. After all, it’s not easy to find someone who can deep throat and use their tongue to light your cock on fire. While a person is great, there is always that chance they want to cuddle.


This is where you may want to consider the purchase of an automatic blowjob machine. Modern science has thought it up, and it’s a reality.

How Do You know A Blowjob Stimulator Is Right For You


You should never purchase a blowjob stimulator from a supplier you know nothing about. This should be common sense. After all, your dick is part of your manhood, and you should never just let anyone or thing suck on it.  If you’re going to spend money on an investment that allows you to have self-made orgasms, you need to buy from a company you trust and respect.


Below is a list of blowjob stimulator toys that have been that have already been thoroughly researched, and will be delivered to your door in a discreet box by reputable companies that use website encryption to ensure their customers’ information is safe.


Another way to know if a sex toy is a good one is to look at the reviews. You can save yourself a lot of money, time and aggravation by seeing what other people have said about a product. Be aware that everybody has an opinion, so you’ll need to take care of weeding out the legit from the not-so-legit. Your time spent on researching and reading reviews will come in handy when you’re ready to buy a sex toy.


5 Popular Blowjob Machines For You To Consider In 2019


Kiiroo/Fleshlight Onyx 2


The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a great machine for many reasons and will give you the satisfying ending you are looking for. It’s compatible with Bluetooth smart devices and lots of online porn content for you to watch. It’s comprised of high-density polymer and medical-grade silicone, which can run at speeds of 140 strokes a minute.

Kiiroo Onyx 2
Kiiroo Onyx 2

You can use the Fleshlight Onyx do with another Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Pearl as well as a Fleshlight Launch.  It has a powerful motor that operates10 contracting inner rings that will run up and down your dick at one time to create real-like movements.


What’s so great about this product? If you wonder what’s so great about this blowjob machine, consider these aspects:


  • It operates quietly – no one will ever know you are using one
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It’s very versatile
  • Most people can afford to buy it because it’s so affordable
  • It can handle small and mid-size penises
  • It comes with extended battery and motor life
  • It feels like the real deal
  • It’s wireless, whether charging or not


AutoBlow 2


There is a huge list of qualities with the AutoBlow2, but it does have some drawbacks. For example, if your penis is fairly large, you may be unable to use it properly. It’s also a bit tedious for its shape and size.


Autoblo 2
Autoblo 2

The AutoBlow2’s appearance is similar to the Fleshlight, but an improved version of the initial design, which set the sex toy industry on fire. It has an impressive motor size with a 1,000 hours of guaranteed use,and you can use it without your hands. There are three sleeves it comes with with varying degrees of tightness. It also uses the tried-and-true pleasure rings that have men craving and begging for more.

All this, and it’s not nearly as advanced as other models.  What are other reasons to consider the AutoBlow2?


  • It has a discrete shape
  • It isn’t very loud
  • It’s got various speeds for men to choose from
  • It can handle all kinds of penis sizes unless you’re really big
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It’s very durable
  • It’s reasonably priced


Fleshlight/Kiiroo Launch


The Fleshlight Launch is one of the best automatic blowjob machines you can buy on the market, but it’s rather expensive,and you still need a Kiiroo or Fleshlight attachment for it to work right. Is it worth the price you pay? Absolutely! It can be hooked up to a Bluetooth device through a smart device so that it can be used in long-distance, real-time play. It can also be used in sync with pre-recorded porn from the library. It has various speeds and vibe features to choose from.


What are some of the other great aspects of the Kiiroo Launch blowjob machine?


  • It’s got a long lifespan and is very durable
  • It’s compatible with various Fleshlight products and the Kiiroo Onyx 2/Pearl
  • It can be used with Google Glass, Oculus Rift and other VR headsets
  • You can use it by yourself or with your partner
  • You can use it without others knowing you’re using it


Lovense Max

Lovense Max
Lovense Max

The Lovense Max isn’t near as fancy as other blowjob machine models, but it’s very easy to use and great for couples to enjoy together. It comes with small little air vents that control the suction,and it has a fully-rechargeable battery that you can connect to a Bluetooth device so you can use it in real-time.


The device was designed for long-distance romances and can be used on the go. It comes with a remote, can be used with an app or has on-device touch controls so you can use it how you want. Best of all, it has no assembly required.


What are some of the other great aspects of the Lovense Max device?


  • It’s very affordable
  • It can handle most penis sizes
  • It’s compact so you can travel with it
  • It’s very quiet
  • It’s made with realistic material
  • It’s very durable
  • It’s compatible with other Lovense Max toys and Bluetooth



If you’re looking for something compact and cute, it may be the Sayber X blowjob machine that you are after. It’s got a very realistic feel to it that’s stretched over a two-inch, seven-inch chamber. It has five operating speeds. It’s similar to the AutoBlow and Kiiroo Onyx devices with the pleasure rings. You can also buy the motion-activated rings Sayber X device, but it will cost you more.  What’s so great about this blowjob machine that you should consider it?

Sayber X
Sayber X


  • It’s German made with an ergonomic design
  • It’s compatible with a number of smart devices through the SayberX app
  • It mimics realistic movements
  • It has an operating volume
  • It looks very manly
  • It’s extremely durable and will last a long time
  • It can be stored away in its case
  • The device will accommodate most penis sizes


When it comes to a blowjob machine, you can’t be too picky here. Of course, you’re going to find one or two men that are extremely picky about a product and complain about it. When it comes to choosing the right blowjob machine for your use, there are several factors to consider:


  • Price – Can you afford it on your budget?
  • Texture – What type of sleeve surface are you comfortable with?
  • Features – Does it come with features and what kind?
  • Compatibility – Will it work with other toys or with Bluetooth devices?
  • Sensations – Will this feel like the real thing or something artificial?
  • Accessories – Do you need to customize the device to use it correctly?
  • Durability – How often can you use it before it fails?
  • Maintenance – What will you need to do to ensure it stays fully functional for its lifespan?
  • Discretion – Willanyonenotice you are using it when you are using it?
  • Appearance – Does it look real or fake?


How To Get The Most Pleasure For Your Blowjob Sex Toy


When you’re in the market for you blowjob sex toy, you should ask yourself some very important questions. The answers will help you to find the right sex toy. What are some questions you need to be asking yourself before you make any kind of sex toy purchase?


  • How big or small is my dick?
  • Will the blowjob machine be shared by anyone or will I be the only user?
  • Is visual stimulation something I need to consider?
  • Will I become bored with it?
  • Do I spend a lot of time getting pleasured by sex toys?
  • Will I have all the equipment and supplies to enjoy my sex toys?
  • Do I have enough money to spend on the blowjob machine?
  • Will I need to make another purchase before it can be used?
  • Where will I store the device?
  • Is a blowjob machine better than the actual thing?
  • Is there a catch?


It’s vitally important for you to understand that not all sex toys are the same. They will vary in their function and size along with appearance and price. You want to buy a blowjob machine that will allow your junk to fit comfortably in the machine. See if there are any accessories it comes with too.


Is There A Catch?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy your blowjob machine and it comes fully assembled in the box? In a perfect world, that may happen, but this is not a perfect world, and chances are you’ll need to put your blowjob machine together yourself.  Some blowjob machines need accessories that will increase the cost including but not limited to:


  • Additional parts
  • Downloaded programs or apps
  • Online porn content registration
  • Lubrication
  • Fees or charges for data or Internet
  • Shipping and handling
  • Taxes
  • Video/chat database access fees
  • Cleaning products


A blowjob machine may cost more than you think when you factor in the device accessories. However, if you want a blowjob that’s out of this world (and you can’t get an actual partner to do it for you just yet), then this may be your best bet. While there are many knock-offs on the market, research the market fully to find reputable sellers to buy your device from.

Should You Get An Onahole To Satisfy Your Sexual Needs and Desires

An Onahole To Satisfy Your Sexual

When you want a sex toy, you cannot overlook the onahole toy. Now, you may be wondering what the onahole toy is, how you use it and what kinds of benefits does it offer. Onahole is just a male masturbator that has a Japanese twist to it. They’re considered a stimulatory aid product to be used in intercourse to boost the bedroom excitement.

It’s one male sex toy with an ever-increasing popularity status, ranking up there with fleshlights and pocket pussies.

The Onaholes are used for two reasons – pleasure and stamina training. If you find yourself finishing too quickly in the bedroom, you can use the onahole to practice on so you can slow down for your partner.

5 Tips To Find The Best Onahole For You

Of course, finding the right onahole for your particular circumstance can be a tedious process, especially since there is a lot of information to wade through about these products. What should you be considered about in your search?

Stimulation and Feeling

There are many onahole products that produce a strong stimulation and others that don’t. What tightness and feel are you looking for? This is the question to ask yourself before you purchase any of them. Be sure you consider the stimulation and feeling based on how it’ll be used to find the right model for you.


Do you want a realistic onahole or an anime-tailored one? The right onahole depends on your style, and there is an array of them to pick from. Be sure to choose one that meets your preference.

Weight and Size

If you don’t have much space or traveling with it, you’re going to want a smaller, lighter model. Make sure to look at the onahole’s weight and size to ensure you get the right one for your situation.


Do you want one hole or two? Do you want a vaginal, oral or anal model? Consider how you’ll be using the onahole to find the right product for you.


While price is not your foremost concern, it is a concern to take into consideration. Can you spend the extra money on something of better quality? Should you choose an inexpensive onahole to satisfy your needs? Price is a factor,but it shouldn’t be the only factor.

These are the five most important things to consider when you’re ready to order an onahole for your sexual desires and needs. You want to get the most pleasure for your buck.

11 Popular OnaholesTo Consider For Your Sexual Desires

Here’s a look at some of the more popular onaholes to consider for your next male sex toy:


Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator


If you want a realistic model of onaholes, the Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator is what you’ve been looking for. It looks and feels very real, with an additional interior stimulating texture that ensures gratification.

Zhang Xiao Yu is one of China’s most famous porn stars, and the onaholeis designed after her vagina. There are so many reasons to consider this onahole model including the ability to take into the water without it degrading the materials. If you want stimulation, this model won’t disappoint.

The one drawback is the price. It’s much more expensive than other onahole models, but well worth it when you consider how much you get for the price.


SujimanKupaLolinco Virgo

Magic Eve came up with the SujimanKupaLolinco Virgo onahole, which has a very realistic feel to it with a very stimulating interior that will have you cumming and cumming. It has an extremely tight hole that can be used with the lotion (you are sent with the product) that ensures you get the pleasure you want in no time.

While it’s cheaper than other models due to some features lacking, it’s certainly one to remember when you need a high-quality onahole.

La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eye also came up with the La Bocca Della Veritaonahole – designed for both vaginal and oral sex. The great thing about this onahole product is how soft it is, producing a realistic but also anime feel to it. Each time you use it, you’ll want to use it again. La Bocca Della Verita also comes with lotion and is great for the money you pay for it.

However, it doesn’t have a lot of features that you’d find on other onahole models.

My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole
My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole

My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole

When you need a two-hole onahole, you need the My Girlfriend Is In Heat Onahole, as it comes with both vaginal and anal holes that ensure you get the stimulation you want. What makes this sex toy different from other onaholes? It comes with both hips and some thigh, which means you could look at it as a sex doll.

With two holes to switch up on and its realistic feeling, you get a lot of value for your money. However, due to the weight, it’s only ideal for home use – not traveling.

Puni Ana SPDX

When you want an onahole experience that’s nearly identical to the real thing, the Puni Ana SPDX may be the answer. It has a full torso and two holes (vaginal and anal) and comes with lotion too.

There are two negative aspects to it – it’s a bit more on the expensive side,and it can sound too mechanical for some men’s taste.


If you want a highly pleasurable model, the Julia+ model may be just want you’ve been looking for. A look at its website and see a plethora of positive reviews for it. Why is it so popular? It’s very stimulating, pleasuring men when they want it. It’s smaller than other onahole models but does the trick that men want.

It also comes with a free bottle of lotion and is a bit cheaper than other onahole models because it lacks some of the features other models are equipped with.


If you want to use an onahole while traveling, the lightweight FunyaPonyoOnahole is one to consider. It’s got a realistic texture to it despite it being designed to satisfy anime lovers’ fantasies. With its free lube, you can get an experience that will blow your mind.

As far as price goes, the extremely-stimulating FunyaPonyoOnahole is affordable for all users.


Kaitai Shinsho/Moe Body

Kaitai Shinsho
Kaitai Shinsho

Magic Eyes of Japan created the Kaitai Shinsho, which comes with breasts and a realistic rib cage inside the small-scale sex doll.  Not ideal for travel, as it weighs 2kg, but it does come with free lube and offers tremendous satisfaction for its users.

Of course, with the weight and unique design, it’s a bit pricier than other models but does the trick for those who need to satisfy their sexual appetite.



This onahole model comes with two realistic and very soft holes. Another Magic Eye product, it’s designed to ensure one thing for its users – gratification. The holes (vaginal and anal) ensure major stimulation and use the free lube that comes with it,and it’s certainly going to put you over the edge.  As for its size, it’s not that bad, so it may be something you could travel with.


Yes, it is a little more expensive than other onaholes, but itsprice is comparative to what you get with it.


The Legend of the Princess YuiHatanoOnahole

Princess YuiHatanoOnahole
Princess YuiHatanoOnahole

This onahole design is modeled after infamous Japanese pornstar YuiHantano, and it was made to work like it one. It’s very realistic, ensuring it comes across as the real thing. When you purchase this model, you’ll get a picture of the pornstar and an autograph. You’ll also receive free lube.

It’s less expensive than other models, but you get a lot of good things for the price.


Back 2500 Hip

This onahole model is equipped with hips and two holes and offers the best position for those who like the doggy style position. Best of all, both holes don’t have the same texture, so you’re ensured not to be bored.  It’s an extremely realistic onahole, weighing in at 2.5kg. And, if you love anime and have fantasies with anime characters, this is sure to satisfy.

It is more expensive than other models you could get,but it offers a total sexual experience,unlike other models you could buy.

The purchase of an onahole is certainly a personal one, and your preferences and taste will certainly weigh heavily into which model is right for you. There are so much to consider when you look at the various onahole products out there, but take your time, weigh the pros and cons of each one and consider how you’ll be using it and where before you make your purchase.


Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve Designed To Resemble Porn Star Pussy

Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve

Jenna Haze Obsession sleeve was a replacement to the not-so-popular Maze texture, quickly becoming a fan favorite for users.Jenna Haze was one of the porn industry’s most highly-recognized stars during her career, and it’s no big surprise that the Fleshlight sleeve Obsession be tied to her name.

Jenna was well-known for her insatiable sexual enthusiasm, only working with women in the first part of career and then taking on men in full-blown sex scenes despite her contract saying she would only do oral.

She had an extensive line of erotic movies (more than 600) that netted her over 30 adult-related industry award for Best Tease (2009), Best Group Sex (2007) and Best Solo Sex (2003). She also won awards for anal and oral sex. The numerous awards are just an example of the talent she possessed.

She no longer makes movies, but that hasn’t stopped fans from following her at jennahaze.com. Here, she offers an array of unique products that tie back to her adult career. Site visitors can also check out and watch her catalog of movies while also using her signature Fleshlights.

Jenna was only one of several girls with two unique sleeves of the Fleshlight Girls series, which are nearly exact replicas of her pussy and butt holes so you can fantasize that you’re actually having sex with her.

What Should You Know About The Obsession Sleeve

The Obsession texture once called “Bliss” of the Fleshjack Boys series has a very simple design. A short, snug opening with two chambers of very unique textures. The first chamber has a measurement of 18mm wide with five ribbed circles that are spaced around between 1.5 inches and three inches into the sleeve.

The second chamber is packed full of long-stemmed bumps that tamper toward the tips and go into the canal at a 45-degree angle toward the sleeve opening.  These are the same nodes seen on the StoyaDestroya sleeve, which were created to grip the penis as it pushes through.  The bumps of this second chamber are used through the rest of the six inches. The cave width is the only thing that differs with a narrowing of 0.2 inches (from 0.7 to 0.5 inches).

What you’ll notice about the Obsession sleeve is that it has a very tight entrance, with very noticeable ribs that run along the first chamber. This close spacing allows the penis to move quickly over them to generate the stimulation needed before the real action takes place in the second chamber.

While the initial section of the sleeve is intense, it’s nothing compared to the next part – a thick bed of bumps with tiny lumps that will bend as the penis thrusts in and out, swirling as they are pushed. The sleeve provides some resistance and numerously pointed stimulation with those tiny fingers to boost its intensity.

Users of the sleeve may actually cum quickly due to its intensity. Men with a sensitive penis may not want to use the Jenna Haze Obsession sleeve. Since the stimulation fangs don’t ease up after orgasm, it may be also painful to some men. If you’re all about an intense Fleshlight or other textures don’t offer enough stimulation, then you want to try this sleeve.

How To Properly Clean The Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve

Proper cleaning of the Obsession sleeve is tedious. Its extremely textured surface means you must take painstaking care to clean it. Plus, it can take quite some time to try. Make sure to run a plethora of clean water through it from both ends, making sure to leave near a heat source to dry out. Do not store or use until fully dry. Extend the life of your Fleshlight by cleaning and drying it well.

What other the positive aspects of getting the Obsession Sleeve?

  • It’s nearly real
  • It offers a really intense feel
  • It’s very tight

What To Keep In Mind About It?

It does provide you with a quick, powerful orgasm but its stimulation maybe just a bit too much for some men. It could also be downright painful. If you love intensity and pain with your sex, then this may be the sleeve for you. If you can’t tolerate pain or don’t want an intense product, then try something a bit less so.

Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve
Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve

Other Things To Consider If You Enjoy The Jenna Haze Obsession Sleeve

  • Barracuda has similar features and style as the Obsession but with rounded-tip fingers that are not as intense and gentler. It’s a great choice for those that feel the Obsession sleeve is a bit too powerful for them.
  • The Vibro Touch comes with long-stemmed bumps as well as vibrating bullets that give new meaning to penetration.
  • The Teagan Trigger is for those individuals who love elongated bumps.
  • Are you into the powerful Fleshlights, then the Stamina Training Unit (STU) may be what you It was designed so men could learn how to last longer during the sex act.
  • For Fleshlights that is still intense but not as snug, then you have several sleeves to choose from – Angela White Indulge, Nichole Aniston Fit, Nikki Benz Reign and Romi Rain Storm.

2019’s Best Fleshlight Girls Inserts [REVIEW]

Fleshlight Girls Inner Canal Series

Most of the canals that will be discussed here can be found in combination with the orifices contained in the Fleshlight Girls sequence.

You can get almost all canal textures by purchasing just one Fleshlight Girls pussy.

The ‘Lotus’ texture for examples, is the standard by which other canals are made.

This can be combined with different types of Fleshlight.

You also have the “Swallow” texture that can be used all Fleshlight Girls openings, also the “Forbidden’ texture too can be used with a wide variety of openings as well.


Lotus Texture - Girls Pussy Orifices
Lotus Texture

Fleshlight Girls – Lotus Texture

The Lotus texture gives one a stimulation which can be considered to be real, with varying degree of intensity and sensations, which provide an ideal suction effect.

If you are looking for that lovely realistic feeling from masturbation, you will find the Lotus insert impressive.

The penetration is amazing and you are sure to get a magnificent stimulation.

Tweet: The Lotus texture gives one a stimulation which can be considered to be real, with varying degree of intensity and sensations, which provide an ideal suction https://ctt.ac/iG8XQ+ you are looking for that lovely realistic feeling from masturbation, you will find the Lotus insert https://ctt.ac/cnSCx+ penetration is amazing and you are sure to get a magnificent stimulation.

Fleshlight Girls – Mini-Lotus Texture

Mini-Lotus Texture
Mini-Lotus Texture

The Mini-Lotus insert, is an upgrade from the classic Lotus, and buttresses the fact that are carefully thought out product that be made a lot better.

A lot of people see the Mini-Lotus as an upgrade due to the extra chambers, which provide more stimulating and suction effect.

Tweet: The Mini-Lotus insert, is an upgrade from the classic Lotus, and buttresses the fact that are carefully thought out product that be made a lot better.A lot of people see the Mini-Lotus as an upgrade due to the extra chambers, which provide more stimulating and suction effectAsides that, breaking through the Lotus node, and the real feel that you derive from masturbation are about the same as you would get while inside the classic lotus.

If you have short or medium sized penis, the Mini-Lotus canal would be an ideal choice.

This is due to the fact that you can easily access the inner Lotus chambers.

Fleshlight Girls – Gauntlet Texture (Jesse Jane)

The Gauntlet texture fondly referred to as Jesse Jane provides users with a wide array of stimulations that are accompanied by evolving degrees of tightening sensation and several levels of massage stimulations.

You derive extreme pleasure from penetrating inside the lotus node canal.

Fleshlight Girls - Gauntlet Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Gauntlet Texture

This is mainly due to the fact that the Lotus node is found close to the entrance of the canal.

If you have a short-sized dick then I recommend this Fleshlight for you.

If you are feeling indecisive and you do not know which to choose and you love Jessa Jane pussy orifice, I recommend you go for the Gauntlet canal.

Fleshlight Girls – Lotus Garden Texture (Katsuni)

Lotus Garden Texture (Katsuni)
Lotus Garden Texture (Katsuni) – Fleshlight Girls

The Lotus Garden Fleshlight is amazing when it comes to stimulation and providing users with an extremely tight feeling.

The lotus nodes which are inside the canal, stimulate the penis in a totally different manner compared to other kinds of lotus inserts.

I won’t recommend this texture of beginners, however, it is ideal for people who have experience making use of the lotus Fleshlight and are looking to try out new things.

Tweet: The lotus nodes which are inside the canal, stimulate the penis in a totally different manner compared to other kinds of lotus inserts.I won’t recommend this texture of beginners, however, it is ideal for people who have experience making use of the lotus Fleshlight and are looking to try out new things.

Fleshlight Girls – Tease Texture (Tera Patrick)

The tease texture, I must confess was developed after careful research and development had been carried out.

This time, the manufacturers went out of their way to tell us that they had carefully done their homework.

Comparing with other versions, it is easy to spot the difference in the canal texture.

The tease texture gives users an amazing new sense of stimulation you have never experienced before.

Fleshlight Girls – Tease Texture (Tera Patrick)
Tease Texture (Tera Patrick)

For those thinking that there is not new to introduce into the Lotus texture concept, the tease texture would leave you in shock.

There has been a drastic improvement in the ratio of tightness to width and also the suction effect one gets to feel has also been improved tremendously.

Add to that the improvement to the hourglass chamber and you are certain you are onto something really great here.

Fleshlight Girls EU – Primal Texture

 Primal Texture
Primal Texture – EU Pussy Orifices

The Primal texture is a combination of past experiences and also already established, tried and tested elements which are able to combine to develop a wide range of sensations and stimulations that gives one an amazing suction effect.

Currently, in the market today, there is no Fleshlight that provides one with the same intensity and variety of textures that the Primal canal does.

Fleshlight Girls – Destroya Texture (Stoya)

Fans of the Destroya insert can attest to the magnificent and super intense stimulation one derives from it, add that to the varying degree of tightness and deep suction effect one gets.

Destroya Texture (Stoya)
Destroya Texture (Stoya)

Interacting with the bumps which are soft and spiky in nature and are situated at different areas around the canal gives one an intense stimulation, which drives one to a very strong and intense orgasm.

According to most people, the Destroya insert is the most effective of all Fleshlights and is arguably the winner of the Fleshlight comparison test.

Tweet: Interacting with the bumps which are soft and spiky in nature and are situated at different areas around the canal gives one an intense stimulation, which drives one to a very strong and intense orgasm.According to most people, the Destroya insert is the most effective of all Fleshlights and is arguably the winner of the Fleshlight comparison test.

Fleshlight Girls – Attack Texture (Christy Mack)

Attack Texture (Christy Mack)
Attack Texture (Christy Mack) Pussy – Fleshlight Girls

We must applaud the neatly and smartly designed texture elements inside the attack canal, which makes it highly recommended for lovers of natural stimulations.

The soft but firm bump texture which provides users with a natural stimulating feeling, add that to the collision that is found at the end of the main chamber which is as close as you would get to something real.

Another thing worth mentioning is the quick change in effect from the canal entrance to right inside the pussy and the constant change of feeling back and forth.

Fleshlight Girls – Bi-Hive Texture (Bibi Jones)

With the Bi-Hive canal, you get a strong stimulating effect that has impact on different points with varying levels of intensity which is usually halted in the center of the canal by a magnificent feeling of stimulation.

It is very difficult to get uninterrupted long sessions of masturbation which makes it quite difficult to hold your cum for a sustained period of time.

Fleshlight Girls - Bi-Hive Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Bi-Hive Texture

As a result, this Fleshlight is ideal for very short but intense masturbation. It is also ideal for men with large penis size.

Fleshlight Girls – Bump N Grind Texture (Misty Stone)

Bump N Grind Texture
Bump N Grind Texture (Misty Stone) Pussy – Fleshlight

Due to the neat arrangement inside the Bump N Grind texture, the inner canal creates a varying stimulating effect, which combines pointed stimulations together with soft embracing stimulations.

For those who are in love with brown chocolate pussies, the Bump and Grind Texture is a must own.

Fleshlight Girls – Love Humps Texture (Teagan Presley)

Love Humps Texture (Teagan Presley)
Love Humps Texture Pussy (Teagan Presley)

The love humps insert is a very gives ones a soft and very smooth stimulating effect, which comes together with a varying degree of tightness that is the result of an ever changing canal width.

The stimulating effect isn’t so intense and as a result its texture is loved by those who want to have a lovely feel of their Fleshlight for a prolonged period of time.

It is also idea for those who are new to Fleshlight and people who like stimulations that tend to be more realistic.

Fleshlight Girls –

 Torrid Texture (Tori Black)

Torrid Texture (Tori Black) Pussy
Torrid Texture (Tori Black) Pussy

The Torrid insert is an amazing mix of pointed stimulations along with very enjoyable penetrations.

The triple piece flap gives users a pleasurable stimulating effect.

If you are a lover of tight Fleshlights and you are looking to enjoy yourself for a prolonged period of time, I strongly recommend that you seriously consider the Torrid Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Girls – Outlaw Texture (Alexis Texas)

The Outlaw texture combines a natural looking stimulation with an unbelievable varying tightening feeling to create an amazing and unreal stimulation.

Outlaw Texture (Alexis Texas)
Outlaw Texture (Alexis Texas) Fleshlight Girls

Sliding through all the 3 levels of stimulation, one is met with varying degrees of pleasure that improves the general feeling with a great sense of penetration.

This Fleshlight is ideal for lovers of realistic, flesh-human like stimulations that tend to be very tight and pleasurable.

Fleshlight Girls – Bookworm Texture (Kayden Kross)

The overall winner of the recent Searchlight contest, the Bookworm canal is an owner’s delight.

This spiral arrangement of elements placed inside the canal is bound to give users a rapidly evolving intense sensation and stimulating effect which can only be magnified by a lot of isolated pointed stimulations.

This leads to users experience what specialist term as a milking sensation, which provides an awesome experience and also a spectacular feeling.

Bookworm Texture
Bookworm Texture (Kayden Kross) – Fleshlight Girls

For those who are not naturally fans of Kayden Kross but are looking to experience something very close to this, they can try out the Twista (Tera Patrick) or the Dragon (Asa Akira) texture.

Fleshlight Girls – Twisted Texture (Tera Patrick)

Twisted Texture (Tera Patrick)
Twisted Texture (Tera Patrick)

The Twisted Texture, due to it magnificently positioned spiral ribs, provides users with an amazing milking feeling comes together with an amazing suction effect.

The spiral ribs leaves a firm feeling right around the head of your penis, which provides you with a totally amazing and special feeling.

If you are looking to try out a new experience with regards to the Fleshlight stimulation, I strongly recommend that you go for the Twista Insert, you would be so glad you did.

Fleshlight Girls – Dragon Texture (Asa Akira)

Fleshlight Girls – Dragon Texture
Dragon Texture Pussy

The amazing feeling you get from making use of this fantastic Fleshlight texture, the Dragon insert can be derived from the foreground of this insert.

The clearly identifiable spiral ribs are that hug the penis tightly is largely responsible for this, as it is always applying pressure on the top of the penis.

The pleasure you derive from this stimulation is enhanced further by the various smooth and pointed stimulations that are as a result of the bumps and the diagonal rib texture that is further enhanced with the help of an amazing suction effect.

In summary, this texture is amazing and it is highly recommended that you try to ride on the Dragon if the chance presents itself, most especially if you are a fan of Asa Akira.

Fleshlight Girls – Texas Tornado Texture (Alexis Texas)

The vibrating stimulating effect and also the wrap and hugging effect you derive from the Texas Tornado can be used to create an amazing ‘human-skin’ like natural feeling.

Texas Tornado Texture - Fleshlight Girls
Texas Tornado Texture – Fleshlight Girls

The specially exclusive, gentle but firm soft stimulation which has a long-lasting effect on your penis in frequencies that are quite realistic and feel just like you are right inside of a real vagina canal makes this product another amazing invention from the manufacturers.

The Texas Tornado is dead on to provide users with a close to real life experience one that you are bound not to forget in a hurry.

Fleshlight Girls – Cougar Texture (Nina Hartley)

Fleshlight Girls – Cougar Texture (Nina Hartley)
Fleshlight Girls – Cougar Texture (Nina Hartley)

The constant stimulating impact the cougar canal gives you most especially around your pelvic region, thereby creating an amazing penis massage that combines both pointed stimulations and smooth impulses.

However, to be able to get the maximum pleasure possible from the cougar texture, it is highly recommended that you turn the Fleshlight upside down preferably at an angle of ninety degrees.

At the original angles, the bumps are not so exciting.

These stimulation occur in a very fast manner and also at a high frequency and as a result usually lead to brief period of masturbation although they offer very deep enjoyment.

Due to the wide entrance of the cougar texture, it is highly recommended for men with a large dick size.

Fleshlight Girls – Misfit Texture (Joanna Angel)

Fleshlight Girls
Cougar Texture (Nina Hartley)

The misfit insert does not leave any space for a dull moment largely due to the wide variety of textures on offer.

This is sure to give you varying masturbation feeling with also varying levels of stimulation.

In addition, the canal gives you an amazing level of tightness that only gets more intense the deeper you push inside the canal.

Lovers of very tight canals, would find this very pleasurable.

This is because the deeper you go inside the canal the tighter it becomes.

If you love your canals very tight you would find the Misfit Fleshlight to be a must have.

Due to its optimal positioning of texture elements, this canal is highly recommended for men with medium to short dick length.

Fleshlight Girls – Indulge Texture (Angela White)

Indulge Texture (Angela White)
Indulge Texture (Angela White)

The indulge texture is an amazing choice for lovers of superbly intense stimulating pleasures.

This is due to the fact that the bumps inside the canals are shaped in form of a mushroom and the pointed edges have a very strong and direct impact on the penis.

In addition, due to the extremely high elasticity of the bumps, which can be halter upon penetration.

The padded that flows all across the length of the rib enhances the frequent bumps and stimulation you get with a varying change of tightness and stiffness.

If you combine all these with the suction effect one stands to derive you are bound to get a truly amazing and explosive mix which although leads to a very short masturbation albeit a very pleasurable one.

Fleshlight Girls – Obsession Texture (Jenna Haze)

Another amazing texture from the stables of the ILF is the obsession canal.

This texture comes with an optimal design.

Users are bound to get an amazing mixture of pointed and smooth stimulations with an amazing suction effect which makes for a perfectly smooth experience.

Fleshlight Girls - Obsession Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Obsession Texture

The effect comes in a very high frequency which acts on the penis and leads to very rapid ejaculation and orgasm.

This is more intense for men who have been circumcised and a less sensitive penis tip, the experience they are bound to get would be one they will not forget for the rest of their lives.

This is arguable the best Fleshlight for this range of products.

Fleshlight Girls – Barracuda Texture (Lisa Ann)

The covering and sharp massaging effect you stand to derive from the long and thing bumps inside the canals of the barracuda insets provides for an extremely pleasurable sensation that comes together with a fairly good suction effect.

Barracuda Texture (Lisa Ann)
Barracuda Texture (Lisa Ann)

Due to the way the bumps are arranged differently, the constriction the occurs between both chambers, is a lot more different when compared to the Vibro touch insert and gives users a new kind of stimulation which is ideal for both experienced and new Fleshlight users.


Fleshlight Girls – Nipple Alley Texture (Riley Steele)

Nipple Alley Texture (Riley Steele)
Nipple Alley Texture (Riley Steele)

The Nipple Alley has a proven reputation due to its strong and also sharp stimulating effect, this makes its massage very intense and covers the entire surface of the penis.

The effect of stimulation is a lot more intense inside of the Speed Bump but the same cannot be said of the Stamina training unit.

I would strongly recommend this Fleshlight for users looking for a bump texture with a strong mixture of mild and powerful point by point stimulations with average tightness and a very good suction effect.

Fleshlight Girls – Heavenly Texture (Jessica Drake)

Fleshlight Girls – Heavenly Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Heavenly Texture

The Heavenly texture provides a unique and also very different kind of stimulating effect that plays on the very tight and narrow inner canal that provides a very realistic kind of feeling.

The node is right in the middle of the canal and ensures the all changes contribute to the overall effect of the stimulation.

If you are curious to know what a tight virgin vagina will look like, I think the heavenly texture will give you a fairly good idea of what to expect.

Fleshlight Girls – Booty Texture (Christy Mack)

Booty Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Booty Texture

The booty texture canal is the ideal texture loved by connoisseurs, most especially if you are looking for a prolonged period of masturbation.

This is due to the fact that when compared with several other Fleshlight the booty texture does not add an over kill of stimulation which is as a result of a crowded bum or hard rib textures.

That said, the booty produces an amazing variation between an extremely tight and an extremely wide canal entrance that has a pulsating effect on the tip of the penis, albeit and a very mild frequency.

These all combine to produce a stimulation which not only pleasurable, but also bearable by the penis that in turn produces a natural and also realistic experience.

Fleshlight Girls – Punk Texture (Joanna Angel)

The Punk canal provides users with an amazing power packed yet smooth stimulating effect, due to the fact the various ribs are placed close to each other and provide for a very high frequency on the penis which leads to an intense masturbation experience.

Fleshlight Girls – Punk Texture
Fleshlight Girls – Punk Texture

In addition the canal looks very tight and also has a wild suction effect.

This wild effect and deep stimulation tends to lead to rapid orgasm and as such it is highly recommended for men with small dick head sensitivity.

Fleshlight Girls – Lust Texture (Jenna Haze)

Fleshlight Girls – Lust Textur
Fleshlight Girls – Lust Textur

The Lust texture canal is an anal texture design that provides pleasure and a tighten sensation that leads to a very good stimulating effect.

Although the intensity is not as intense as other textures and this in turn affect the surface of your dick moderately.


Due to the fact that you only experience the tightness when you get to the end of the canal, it requires that you dig as deep as possible to derive maximum pleasure.

As such, the Lust texture is recommended for men with long dick size.

Fleshlight Girls – Forbidden Texture

Forbidden Texture
Fleshlight Girls -Forbidden Texture

This is another amazing Fleshlight that gives you almost the same feeling you derive from having anal sex.

If you are looking to try out anal sex or what if feels like then the forbidden texture is strongly recommended.