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A Spit Fetish Or Eat Your Partner?

A Spit Fetish Or Eat Your Partner?

Yes, the spit fetish – it s actually part of the BDSM repertoire, branched off from amongst other fetishes. BDSM is an abbreviation for Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Masochism; it is just an abbreviation used by some people. But though you might like spit more than you know, it is still part of the BDSM range, and like everything else on the BDSM range, it has degrees. If you are just starting out, and you want to try your hand at getting kinky with someone new, this article will help you understand the concept; whether you already dabble in spit or are just curious about what comes behind it.

The first, most rudimentary definition of the spit fetish is safe key

Now, this isn’t going to be the definition of it that you find on a fetish website, because it s not going to be something that has been established as part of a culture. But this is the common understanding of what people mean when they say that it is a degrading type fetish. Basically, you have a deep love of delicious foods, but you find yourself unable to actually eat them.

There are some commonalities between this love of eating and drooling, although the two are worlds apart. We all love foods that are hot and ready to eat, and if you can’t get your mouth around one of those, then I don t think you can make it spit. Saliva is also a key ingredient of porn. Watching movies with a good bottle of lubricant in it, and using it to smear your face and other areas is known as a porn treat. And now you have drool. The two go together really well.

Now, let us discuss the spit fetish itself

While it is rare, some men do have this fetish and often have intense feelings for it. The main difference between someone who has a spit fetish, and someone who just love to eat, is that the person with the spit fetish will crave the action – and often fantasize about it. They will get incredibly turned on by even the thought of it and are likely to do things such as splattering their face with smelly bits of food. They will perform the action whenever they feel like doing it and are not ashamed to do so. The porn star looking for his partner will often carry a small bottle of spit on him at all times.

This is not to say that everyone with this fetish acts out in a sexual way

Many times, people with the fetish will simply enjoy the feeling of consuming something. One of the main reasons why this occurs, is because the act of consuming is often pleasurable to the person involved. It is not always about the act itself – if a man watches porn, he may begin to think about how good he feels when he eats his partner’s vagina or slides his fingers inside her tight, wet, little ass. That is a very common type of fetish.

Large fetish communities

If you have your own little corner of the internet dedicated to people with your fetish, you will find a large community of people with this type of fetish. There are many different types of porn out there – some of it is even made with this type of theme. Some of these websites cater to the spit fetish. Some of them also cater to people who love smelly things, so it is possible to get a spit fetish porn movie. The internet is a great place to go if you want to explore things you may not ever try in real life. Keep in mind that porn stars use spit a lot, so finding a site that includes this kind of fetish material may be something you want to consider.