A Spit Fetish Or Eat Your Partner?

Yes, the spit fetish – it s actually part of the BDSM repertoire, branched off from amongst other fetishes. BDSM is an abbreviation for Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Masochism; it is just an abbreviation used by some people. But though you might like spit more than you know, it is still part of the BDSM range, and like everything else […]

Primal Fetish – Understand it!

The primal sexual desire is a primal, almost instinctive urge that we all share. For most people who have it, though, their drive is focused on one specific type of person: themselves. It’s incredibly complicated and complex, but it basically involves a desire to experience kinky intimacy with a member of the opposite sex, whether that person is another human […]

Pantyhose Fetish – Wear a Pair of Nylon Feet

There are many things that you can do with a pantyhose fetish. Many people who have this fetish get turned on when they see others wearing pantyhose. They may even feel some excitement at the idea of wearing their own pantyhose. People who have a pantyhose fetish can often get a sexual charge from wearing or watching someone else wearing […]

How To Find Degrading Kink Porn Online

Degrading Kink is a common internet term used to define sexually explicit or often offensive material that is too openly offensive to most viewers. This can range from mildly offensive (such as a story about sex between a dog and a human) to extremely offensive (such as acts involving rape and sexual assault). This can also mean fetishism, bestiality, and […]